What is hygroma

Hygroma is a fairly common disease, which is often classified as professional, as it most often manifests itself as a result of prolonged adverse effects on a certain part of the body, after which a small cystic formation appears on it.Externally, hygroma is very similar to a tumor, while it is worth noting that it has a benign character.
This disease often suffers pianists or people whose work is associated with a constant tension of the joints. Most often, hygroma manifests itself in the palm and wrist. Less common neoplasms in other areas - on the fingers and toes, foot.

The first signs of hygroma

The main symptom of this disease is the appearance of swelling on the arm. At the same time, if its size is small, then you will not experience any pain. If the tumor starts to grow, then over time you can notice the appearance of discomfort or dull pain.Cystic formation during physical exertion begins to squeeze the blood vessels, but because you gradually lose sensitivity and more often notice in his numbness in the area of ​​the tumor.
Depending on the type of hygroma, the skin around it may have a rough surface, and in some cases it remains unchanged.
To the touch, the tumor resembles a moving ball with fluid accumulated inside, and when pressed, you can notice the appearance of unpleasant and even painful sensations.
If the hygroma accidentally injure or, trying to get rid of it on its own, open it, then a liquid will flow out through a puncture or hole that you make. It is worth noting that if an infection suddenly gets into it, then a serious inflammatory process can begin.

Hygroma Treatment and Prevention

With small formations that do not cause discomfort, patients often do without medical interventions for their entire life. It happens that hygromas completely disappear by themselves.
If the education is small and has appeared quite recently, then the doctor may prescribe a number of procedures that do not require medical intervention, these include:
- paraffin therapy;
- mud baths;
- physiotherapy course.
If the hygroma after this treatment does not cease to increase in size, then, most likely, the doctor will recommend to do several of her punctures, or immediately direct her to the operation to remove the tumor.
Speaking of preventive measures, only one can be noted. Always try to treat yourself as closely as possible, especially if your work is connected with the constant tension of a certain part of the body. It is also important what shoes you buy, remember that it should not create a feeling of discomfort when wearing.

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