What is file archiving?

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What is file archiving?

In articles devoted to the protection of important data on a computer, it is often written that it is necessary to do archiving regularly, but not every user understands what is meant.

In this article we will explain what archiving files are, and in addition, you may be interested in another article on the same topic - What is archiving.

What is data archiving?

The term "data archiving" means the creation of backup copies of important files. These copies should be stored on a flash drive, portable disk or even on another computer. Then in the event of a breakdown of your PC, you will not lose the data that you have been collecting for so long.

On Windows operating systems, there are built-in tools for archiving and subsequent recovery. In Windows 7, they are located in the Control Panel, in the section called �Backup and Restore�. You can configure the system so that it itself regularly creates archives according to a predetermined schedule. And in Windows 8, the �File History� function is used instead, which is also located in the Control Panel, in the �System and Security� section.

Archiving to save space

Above we talked about archiving, aimed primarily at ensuring the safety of data. But besides this, archives are also called special file formats that save disk space. The most common ones are ZIP and RAR, although there are many others. Archives are created using special applications such as WinRar or 7Zip.

In one archive, you can pack a lot of files, and at the same time they will be compressed, so that the archive will take less disk space than all these files separately. Traditionally it is believed that files are best compressed in RAR archives, while ZIP files have the lowest compression ratio.

In this way it is convenient to archive files that you use very rarely. In this case, it is much easier to keep a compact archive on a disk than a whole folder of disparate files. In addition, archives are conveniently sent by mail.

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