What is ems-training?

Constant human desire for excellence and body health, the presence of a healthy mind in it, leads to the improvement of methods and simulators. The popularity of a new type of training, such as EMS-training, or EMS-fitness, is due to many positive points, including:

  • a significant reduction in the duration of classes;
  • harmless to health;
  • positive feedback from trainers and doctors.

The rapid spread of innovative techniques in the world, its relevance, despite the relatively high cost of training, suggests the need for more detailed familiarization with the subject. What is the essence of EMS-training, and what did he like so much for Europeans and Asians?

The name and essence of the process

Decoding abbreviations in the title immediately gives an idea about the methods of influence on the body. "Electric mio stimulation" - muscle stimulation with electricity. In our view, a picture of total inaction arises, during which our body trains itself, the figure loses weight, and the posture improves.

In fact, this is a training session that requires exercises under the guidance of a trainer. You come to class, and:

  1. You dress in one-off clothes, which is necessary for the process. Training takes place in a suit that is necessary for fixing the electrodes.
  2. The trainer works in accordance with the training protocol, taking into account the established strength of the electrical impulses.
  3. The training lasts about 30 minutes. All exercises are performed under the control of a trainer, safely and correctly.
  4. Each session ends with a five-minute rest, during which there is an improvement in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage with the help of a special mode in the EMS-suit.

And what happens in our body? Many people know that muscles are activated under the influence of stimuli. Their triggering takes place in the central nervous system, spinal cord and nerve fibers, to be transmitted to the muscles.

In their physical and natural essence, endogenous stimuli are similar to electrical stimuli, as used in EMS simulators. The natural process in the body is enhanced under the influence of an external stimulus, which leads to stronger and better muscle contraction.

Objectives of the technique

What effect can be expected from the targeted amplification of internal stimuli by an external electrical impulse? EMS fitness is effective:

  • for the development of strength with endurance;
  • to increase the speed and growth of muscle mass;
  • slimming and figure correction;
  • for rehabilitation and rehabilitation;
  • for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and back.

More and more doctors are claiming the safety of occupations for health, thanks to a reduction in the load on the spine and joints. Muscles are reduced without lifting a lot of weight, and simulators help to involve in the training process up to 93% of the muscular system in one half-hour workout, which is equal to the intensity of five-hour classical training.

It must be said that deep-seated muscles also participate in the work, which will be interesting for professional athletes, and the possibility of changing the algorithm of the simulator's operation makes it a universal tool for the masses, regardless of the level of fitness.

Positive and negative sides

Like any new technique, EMS-training is widely discussed by those who care about their own health,and who studies and practices new modern approaches to building an ideal body and improving the body, the pros and cons are revealed, the results are evaluated.

The undoubted positive aspects of this modern training process include:

  1. Save time. It does not last long, but the effect is like a full-fledged classical training in a few hours.
  2. Versatility. In accordance with the possibilities and goals, the exercises are selected for athletes and beginner athletes, for young people and people in age.
  3. Comprehensive impact. Electric impulses reach deep layers of muscles and muscles, forcing them to work.
  4. The minimum load for the spine and joints. EMS-fitness helps to improve health in the presence of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, it helps with the weakening of functions.
  5. Do not need sportswear for training. Special costume is provided.
  6. Lack of pain after exercise. The technique allows you to speed up the recovery of tissues and eliminate the pain inherent in normal training.

Indications and contraindications are absent.Anyone who is not banned from physical activities is allowed to EMS-training.

Low-frequency stimulation is not harmful to health, but before starting a session, it is worthwhile to visit a doctor to get advice and recommendations. There are time limits for training, which include:

  • menstruation;
  • pregnancy;
  • increased body temperature;
  • any skin rashes;
  • postoperative period and wounds on the body.

Trainers for training

There are two special EMS simulators that are offered for training the global market. Miha Bodytec and xbody are similar in operation. But European and our coaches prefer the first, as the most advanced.

It is put into production by a German company that manufactures medical equipment and has been tested from a medical and scientific point of view. The simulator has undergone sports research, with the aim of applying not only in sports, but also in rehabilitation activities.

Compared to an attractively designed xbody simulator, Miha Bodytec wins in realizing the potential built into it, and today it leads the world market.

In general, the idea of ​​EMS-fitness is interesting and harmless.Someone is skeptical about this technique, someone admires it. But to evaluate a new type of training process, you can only by yourself having tried the effectiveness of training.

Come to sports clubs, actively spend your free time with health benefits, and the result is sure to be, if you really strive for it.

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