What is an ekoshpon?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
May 6, 2015
What is an ekoshpon?

Environmentally friendly production is no longer considered something supernatural. Requirements for maximum naturalness, safety of technologies, materials and final products are now mandatory for any field of activity. As a result, manufacturers are looking for ways to manufacture various goods that meet the stated conditions, in particular, they create special synthetic materials. One of them is an eco ply.

Read more about what an eco-leader is, its advantages and disadvantages, the scope of application, read on.

Eco Scrapbook: Pros and Cons

Ecological veneer is an artificial material that is made of polypropylene and wood fibers and with high accuracy imitates the texture and external characteristics of valuable, elite wood. Polypropylene is safe for human health - it is actively used for the manufacture of plastic utensils, food containers and so on. It is also environmentally friendly.

The following advantages of the ekoshpon can be noted:

  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Not stratified.
  • Resistance to chips, scratches.
  • Simplicity of care of products from this material - it can be subjected to damp cleaning.
  • The material does not absorb pollution due to the absence of pores in the structure.
  • Good tolerance to changes in temperature and humidity levels (therefore, products made from it can be installed, in particular, in bathrooms, in kitchens).
  • Reasonable cost of products from this material (but you should not expect too cheap high-quality products).
  • Resistant to fading even when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Excellent imitation of real veneer - products will be appropriate even in the most sophisticated interior.

But not without flaws:

  • The low weight of products made of ecological veneer requires more careful handling (for example, doors from ekoshpon should not be slammed hard). Otherwise, the product will simply become unusable.
  • If we are talking about doors from an ekoshpon, their sound insulation is low, since inside they are either hollow or filled with a corrugated cardboard.
  • In case of severe damage to the coating, it will have to be replaced - the material cannot be repaired.

Scope of ekoshpon

Most often, an ekoshpon is used for the manufacture of interior doors, but can also be used to create cabinet furniture (for facades).

It is very important to trust a reliable company with a solid experience in the market and an impressive list of positive customer reviews, because otherwise you risk getting a product of extremely poor quality. Accordingly, after some time there will be a question of replacing it or updating the coverage, which will entail new expenses. As a result, the benefit from the purchase of such goods will be minimal or absent altogether.

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