What is cosmetic ice

The effect of cosmetic ice depends on the biological age of the person. For example, regularly acting on young skin, it fights with shallow facial wrinkles and prevents their appearance. For mature skin, ice plays an important role by slowing the aging process and keeping the skin in tone.
During washing with cosmetic ice, a light massage takes place. Usually the whole procedure takes no more than 3-5 minutes and ends when the cube is completely melted. Do not stay long in one area, so as not to provoke hypothermia. It is not necessary to wipe the face, wait until the liquid is absorbed into the skin.
Ice massage has its own contraindications. For example, highly dehydrated skin can not be exposed to ice, it can cause irritation and inflammation. Another contraindication is couperosis, that is, a vascular disease in which they are greatly expanded. It is worth giving up washing with ice before going outside in the winter season.Minor skin lesions and acne are also a good reason to abandon the procedure.
To make cosmetic ice, take special molds, pour water into them and put in the freezer. Remember that it is better to use non-carbonated mineral or distilled water. For oily skin, cosmetic ice can be made from the infusion of Hypericum, chamomile or calendula, and for dry skin - mint, lemon balm or sage. Cover the grass with boiling water, cover and let it brew for several hours. Then the liquid is filtered and poured into molds. You can keep such ice for several days.

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