What is bread?

Bread is the most common product in the world, and different types of bread are popular in different countries. For example, in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the most popular type of bread is loaf, in the USA - the so-called bagel, in Israel - matzoh, in France - baguette. Consider what are the basic principles of making bread.

What is bread: definition

Bread is a food product that is produced by baking, steaming, or frying dough. Compulsory components of the dough are salt, yeast, flour and water. This is the so-called essential base, which serves as a minimum for making ordinary bread. Bread is often made from crops such as rye, wheat, or barley.

Basic principles of making bread

For the preparation of bread fundamentally important flour composition. Flour should be made from grains that have been ground to a powder. Wheat flour is most often used, but it is not uncommon to use rye, corn and barley flour. Starch and proteins are also present in the flour.

Of course, water is used to form dough from flour. The volume of fluid will depend on the recipe. Sometimes in the preparation of bread used various fruit juices, dairy products or even beer.

To make bread well chewed, yeast is surely added to it. This process is called leavening. Most types of bread are fermented with fungal yeast. Sometimes bread is cooked without yeast.

As noted above, the main components of bread are salt and sugar, but there are varieties of bread, which are called dietary. In them, the content of sugar and starch is often reduced to zero, and such bread may also not contain salt. These types of bread are designed for people who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, or kidney disease.

Bread history

It is believed that the first bread appeared in ancient Rome and was a gruel of baked cereals and water. Bread could be called the same barley or corn, millet and oats. In Asia, rice has always been a substitute for bread.

Yeast dough bread first appeared in Egypt. It should be noted that even in the ancient world there were many types of bread.For example, in ancient Greece it was honey cakes, bread curls that were used by the military, poppy bread. White bread was considered the best bread, and black, gray, rye bread was food for the poor. At the same time, scientists now know that it is gray and black bread that are the most useful types of bread.

The importance of bread for culture

For many nations, bread is the most important product in the diet. This is due to the fact that many people who could not afford to eat richly and diversely, and often starved at all, were saved from starvation with the help of bread. It is known that even a small piece of bread can satisfy hunger for a while. That is why it is so appreciated and appreciated to this day.

That is why, for example, in Russian there is a saying: “Bread is the head of everything”. Indeed, despite the fact that at some point even ordinary people could eat more diverse, bread still remained the staple food and was present on every table, no matter how rich it was.

Bread plays an important role in religion. In Orthodoxy, bread is identified with the body of Jesus Christ. Moreover, for many nations, bread is a truly sacred product, and in no case should it be thrown away or treated with it roughly.Thus, for many nations, bread is more than just a food product, with many legends and stories associated with it.

In the diet, it also plays an important role in promoting better digestion. Coarse bread helps to improve digestion, and iodized bread improves the functioning of the thyroid gland.

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