What is the gua number?

If you follow the teachings of Feng Shui, you can change your life for the better. And this will help the number of gua. Find out what it means, and calculate your meaning.

What is this number?

What is the gua number? This is a kind of individual number, depending on the date of birth and helps to achieve harmony with the surrounding space. Knowing this value, one can understand which parts of the world are favorable and which ones are best avoided. And if you arrange a house or housing, taking into account the number of gua, you can improve your life in all major aspects.

Features of calculations

How to calculate the number of gua? It is determined by taking into account the date of birth, but the male and female values ​​are calculated differently.

Algorithm of calculations:

  1. Add up the last two digits of your year of birth, and then in the resulting two-digit number again add up the two digits.
  2. Further, for men, the figure obtained as a result of the calculations described above should be subtracted from 10. But if a boyfriend was born after 2000, then it is necessary to subtract from 9. For women, the total figure of the first item should be added to 5.Girls born after the year 2000, instead of 5 use 6.
  3. If in the second paragraph in the end came a two-digit number, then simply add two of its numbers.

Important! In the Chinese solar calendar, which is taken as a basis in the teaching of feng shui, the year begins not on January 1, but on February 4 or February 5. Therefore, if a person was born in the period from the very beginning of January to February 5, then he should use the previous year instead of the actual year of birth for the calculations. In addition, among the totals there is no number 5: for women it is replaced by 8, and for men - 2.

How to interpret a number?

In the study of feng shui, eight sectors are distinguished, that is, the direction of the impact of vital energy. Among them are four positive and the same number of negative. First, consider all the favorable sectors:

  • Tien-I - longevity, health. This sector contributes to the recovery of the body, recovery.
  • Sheng Qi - success, wealth. The sector is responsible for the financial situation, the financial side of life.
  • Fu-Wei - development, personal growth. Direction influences willpower, self-esteem, aspirations, success in achieving goals.
  • Yan-Nyan - family, relationship, love. The sector helps maintain relationships, strengthen feelings,achieve mutual understanding with the second half.

Adverse influences:

  • Liu-Sha or "six murderers" - suffering, trouble. This includes negative emotions, all sorts of losses.
  • Ho Hai - failure, trouble. Although the influence of this sector is not very pronounced, it can still provoke various problems and obstacles.
  • Jue-Ming - the collapse. The sector is extremely negative and has a pronounced influence, it promises big losses, crises.
  • U-Gui or "five spirits." The sector personifies negative in interaction with people around them: deception, slander, gossip, intrigue, envy, intrigue.

All numbers are divided into western and eastern. The west is 2,6,7 and 8, the east - 1, 3, 4 and 9. People of different parts of the world, according to feng shui, usually confront each other, often in conflict.

Brief characteristics of numbers

Each number has specific characteristics and features of the use of parts of the world affected by the sectors. Consider briefly each value:

  1. 1 - white color, water element. The zone of personal growth is in the north, wealth is in the southeast, health is in the east, and love is in the south. Undesirable conditions: south-smell - collapse, north-west - suffering, northeast - nagative in relationships with people, west - failures.
  2. 2 - the elements of the Earth, the color is red or yellow.Favorable sectors: personal growth in the southwest, love in the northwest, wealth in the northeast, and health in the west. Adverse directions: North (collapse), Southeast (relationship problems), South (troubles) and East (failures).
  3. 3 - green and blue colors, the element of trees. Good directions: east for development, south for welfare, southeast for family and love, north for longevity. Adverse sectors: west (collapse), northwest (conflicts with people), southwest (failures), northeast (suffering).
  4. 4 - blue and green colors, wooden elements. Positive sectors: east - family, south - health, southeast - development, north - material well-being. Unwanted directions: northeast (collapse), southwest (problems with others), west (suffering) and northwest (trouble).
  5. 6 - yellow or white, metal. Desirable areas: north-west for growth, west for wealth, south-west for relationships, northeast for good health. Unfavorable parts of the world: in the south, waiting for the collapse, the north promises suffering, the east threatens with conflicts with people, the southeast - failures.
  6. 7 - yellow and white colors, metallic elements.Good influences: growth in the west, wealth in the north-west, love in the north-east, health in the south-west. Unfavorable directions: collapse in the east, suffering in the southeast, problems with people in the south, failures in the north.
  7. 8 - red and yellow, earth element. The best sectors are: northeast for development, southwest for wealth, west for building relationships, northwest for better health. Undesirable directions: southeast (collapse), east (suffering), north (conflicts with others), south (failure).
  8. 9 - fire element, green and red. Favorable parts of the world: the south for development, the east for improving the material situation, the north for relations, the southeast for longevity. The worst directions are the collapse in the north-west, suffering in the south-west, problems with others in the west, failures in the north-east.

Knowing your individual number of gua, you will be able to organize the space so that life improves.

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