What is an economic system

The term "economicsystem"Still has no clear definition. There are different approaches to the definition of this concept. The first one is technological. In this case, the economicsystemIt is a group of contacting areas of activity that share labor duties among themselves. The main difficulty here is the search for the ideal order of division of production, in which there must be organizational and technical relations. The basic approach. Economicsystemhere it is understood as a set of methods that help to seize certain benefits according to existing property. It is necessary to take into account the dependence of such a complex on the dominant types of ownership. The following approach understands the system as a way to create any kind of goods (often material) on the basis of existing cooperation between producers and the relationships that are characteristic of them.An important factor is the method of cooperation of producers with their subsidiary means, which can help form relationships suitable for performing various kinds of operations with benefits. Another approach has appeared in the Western literature devoted to the study of this issue. The term "economicsystem"Here is equivalent to the term" economic order ". This concept is interpreted as a set of regulatory documents that define the norms of cooperation of the dominant components of the economy (production institutions, small and large enterprises, etc.). In addition, they emphasize an integrated approach to the definition of this term. In this case, the economicsystemIt is a group of components capable of providing society with the necessary goods and services using its own resources and work rules. The main functions of such a system are to develop the production of goods, coordinate the components of the economy, improve the material support of the population, create additional jobs and create positive factors for development society.

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