What is a better life syndrome

Why tomorrow is always better than yesterday

An adult conscious person in the conditions of everyday reality will definitely need a certain degree of stability in life in order to clearly build long-term plans for life. For example, going to college or a wedding are examples of steps based on stability already built in the future, like laying a brick in a common foundation. Naturally, the understanding of stability in each person will also be his, special. And if you are accustomed to tasting poisonous insects in Bali and do not imagine your life without a life-threatening extreme, then this format can easily fit into your stability. In short, you are simply stable in wanting to risk.

What is a better life syndrome

But as soon as a person is immersed in a different atmosphere of installations, where everything is not going according to plan and not according to the scenario, the situation immediately becomes frightening for him, uncertainty about the future grows, and faith in one's own strength gradually evaporates. Absolutely any things that threaten the plans already built in the head can affect the usual stability. For example, they planned to spend old age with a person until they found out about treason.They wanted to go on a trip to Europe by car, but could not take a vacation. Options for life is not according to the scenario - a million and one thousand more.

Eternal search for the best option

Getting out of an unstable environment (whether it is long or fast) is the most common rehabilitation. It was at this moment that what was said in the hearts of “Do not worry, you will find yourself better” or “In this work, you are still not appreciated” is perceived as a contribution to the piggy of fighting spirit and pushes the person to feats. But, unfortunately, there are also such individuals for whom the eternal search for the best is stability! The inability to get enough and calm down - these are the first signs of a better life syndrome. In psychology, this syndrome is officially called Always Something Better Syndrome (ASBS), which literally translates as "a constant search for something better."

The main distinguishing feature of the disease is infection by the syndrome not at the moment when everything falls out of the hands, but life is already under a copper basin, and when all is well. The realization that it would be possible to live kayfov, covers unexpectedly - literally like snow on the head in July. You look at your beloved Petka, who in dreams of summer cottages and garden beds, and suddenly you are irritated to understand that Vaska, whom she met “before”, is now rowing money with a shovel and sunbathing on Azure.Or do you realize that while you don’t dawn on an unloving job, some blogger girl lazily uploads videos of her children and rips undemocratic pay from advertisers dozens of times higher than your salary. It is at this very moment of awareness that the mechanism starts, and the "infection" begins.

What is a better life syndrome

Good - bad, while there is the best

Awareness of one's own “worthlessness”, or a terrible life that will surely flow through, if it continues like that, sometimes acts as a missing element in the motivational system. Roughly speaking, so the person would sit on the priest exactly, but the insult encouraged to exit from the statics. But this is rather an exception to the rule, because a person who wants initially more does not need external motivators: he doesn’t prove anything to anyone, he just does. But a person infected with ASBS syndrome begins to show other symptoms: there is jealousy and envy, an insult to life and everyone around who is better, he begins to engage in constant samoedstvo and pouring poison on others.

In fact, it turns out that a loving, kind and caring husband in seconds becomes a lazy parasite simply because there are men in the world who can buy yachts and half the world to boot.And the feeling that in reality you are very necessary for these giants of this world does not just become obsessive, but it seems real!

At this moment, the woman is sure that the only obstacle on the path to a dream-life is this very man who has eaten too many pears. And then a person falls into a trap when his real life becomes an intermediate stage before the mythical future, though it never usually sets in, and the person himself lives in a trap until he is cured.

What is a better life syndrome

This syndrome has already thoroughly settled in countries around the world, and we are only just looking at it. Naturally, it is all due to an overabundance of information, social networks, glossy magazines with unattainable ideals and even acquaintances who without a shame of conscience spread photos with other people's machines, giving them away for their own. Blurring the lines between reality and the inaccessible, unnecessary dreams and desires of many leads to an unjustified rejection of loved ones, the loss of human values ​​and serious psychological trauma. And this is very, very scary!

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