What female character traits annoy men the most

We, girls, too often love to narrate casually, between the lines or superficially, and the reasons for this may be different for everyone. Some hints are asking for a certain gift, so that the man himself comes up with a surprise, but the result was finally a surprise. Others, in principle, do not know how to speak directly, especially when it comes to help: it’s somehow embarrassingly, “openly” to “demand”, and if you give a hint, it seems to be that I guessed and did it myself. But it is this female characteristic in the style of "A Guess!" Men are most annoying. And the point is not that he does not want to help, but that he basically does not understand at this moment what exactly they want from him. As a result, misunderstandings and underdevelopment are piled up like a snowball, and then once in a quarrel he finds out that his gifts are bullshit, she hasn’t reached the point in bed for a long time, and in general he never notices how tired she is! Finita la comedy, because of the indirectness of the statement fly turns into an elephant!

Stimulus No 2: Silent Play

Worse hints can only be girlish silence, which is so similar to a child's game, where the one who first uttered the word loses. The smartest, by the way, out of the goodness of their soul, immediately surrender, and again they climb to chat without stopping — how can you be offended? But women most often are not so simple-minded in a conscious age, and therefore if she is offended, she swallowed her tongue for a very long time!

What female character traits annoy men the most

And it seems that, on the one hand, this is understandable and justified: many people do not find the strength to speak through the problem of hurting insults and, in order not to flare up with fire, prefer to remain silent and cool. But the man at this moment is sure that everything is okay, nothing happened. It turns out that this foolish silence causes harm to both: one did not understand where and when he got stuck, the second did not set the limits of what was permitted, which means that at the next similar moment he would do the same.

After a while to find out the silent grievances are already irrelevant and out of topic. And everything that is not expressed will surely burst into thunder, but in an already larger size and in the form of a blow to the head immediately. Will such information reach the addressee? Of course not, if what was bothering or disliking was not expressed at the right moment, hot on the heels.

Irritant No. 3: Mimicry

We most often never notice this, but the men are directly using our internal X-rays to read our mood from our face. We have masks in the arsenal of “How did you get it!”, “Damn, I told you! ..”, “Well, again, I messed up”, “Don't go and kill you!”. The list can be continued indefinitely, but it does not change the essence. Men hate unusual and unusual for us mimicry - rolling eyes, clatter, lowered corners of the lips and eyes Nesmeyany. And therefore they will hardly see that the eye has rolled up - and at a run, losing their sneakers, from the field of a possible battle, so that it does not accidentally catch on. And then you sit and guess that he’s retired or simply refuses to say, “I didn’t even open my mouth!”

Irritant No. 4: Mum and Hyper Care

Here we are not talking about those who, out of Mommy’s wing, barely crawled out to get under the same new things, but about normal, adequate and quite self-sufficient men of a conscious age, who for some reason thought of themselves too much to protect. Not only that "motherhood" we spoil them utterly, so also terribly annoy. “Come on, fasten all the buttons, otherwise I’ll treat you again!”, “Give me a suitcase, collect it myself - you will forget everything again or fold the devil like that!”, “Horror, your hands are definitely not growing from there - you can’t even vacuum properly, you’ve left the corners! ”Such eternal instructions and poking his nose in puddles and every hunt to help and help beat off, and the desire to be a strong and all-powerful man next to a fragile princess is annulled.

What female character traits annoy men the most

Irritant № 5: upstart and clever

The terrible habit of being a gag in every barrel is noticed only when the cancer on the mountain is already whistling. This is when we are ahead of the tram and let's lay down the rails - we all know, we comment everywhere, we also participate in the selection of spare parts for cars and we argue to the point of fooling on which mixture it is better to tile. A wild desire to seem necessary, caring and all-helpful in fact humiliates a man and crushes, because the inability to be sometimes “transparent”, defenseless even in “male” moments of responsibility, lowers its dominant significance. In fact, the very neck, which gently turns its head in the direction it needs, does it quietly and gently, so that the head always has a sense of independence in making a decision.

In short, it is difficult to reshape yourself when you are an “excellent student”. But the true paradox is that the weaker you are in life, the more they will do for you.

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