What dreams of a giant?

It is unlikely that today you can see a giant man on the street. But in a dream, he may well come to you. And what this may be, explain different dream books.

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what dreams of a giant
What dreams of a giant

Modern dream book

In the dream book, a man prophesies probable health problems.

When you had a chance to dream - soon a long journey awaits you. When he was sitting in a dream - wait for the successful completion of cases.

If you were attacked in a dream, it means that the leader is not thinking well of you.

When you managed to plunge in a dream - it means that in reality you have to hope in vain for anything.

If you dream in a dream, then in real life a man will be in disarray because of the relationship with the lady.

He appeared in the dream completely unexpectedly, which means that in reality there will be a too hard struggle with competitors.

By the quick victory over the enemies - this is what dreams of a giant who managed to win and put to flight. If, however, the dream of the fight could crush you under him - expect frustration and defeat.

East Dream

When a giant suddenly appeared in front of you in a dream - in reality, you will face difficulties in business and will have to act on survival. And if in such a dream will be able to scare you, then in such a struggle to be defeated.

According to the dream book, running away from you during the struggle, foreshadows good health and success in all matters.

Family Dream

To various encounters with their enemies - this is what the giant dreams about.

When in the dream stopped you - in reality you will face defeat. If you managed to defeat him and he runs away - you will celebrate your victory.

According to the dream book, you may dream that you are trying to achieve the location of the influential person you need.

I had to fight - you will in reality solve problems with enemies. At this point, you will have to forget a few about personal affairs and switch to solving serious life issues.

Have you seen yourself in a dream? Be sure to expect early success. But you should not rely only on your own strength - be sure to use the help of people close to you.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

When you had to contemplate in a dream, you will be awaited by the intrigues of enemies who wish to do harm.

Sat in a dream - wait for success.

When he attacked you in a dream - a considerable criticism of the leader awaits you.

When humble and docile - life will be prosperous.

If he suddenly appeared before you on the way, you will face fears and doubts.

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