What does the flag of Russia mean?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
April 16, 2012
What does the flag of Russia mean?

Today the subject of patriotism is more relevant than ever. First of all, of course, every patriot should know the state symbols of the country. Let's talk about what the flag of Russia means.

The flag of Russia is a two-by-three cloth. The colors of the flag of the Russian Federation are white, blue and red. There is no official interpretation of the meaning of the colors of the Russian flag. However, there are versions of the meaning of the colors of the flag of Russia.

  1. Version one. In heraldry there are generally accepted meanings of colors. They generally coincide with the interpretation of flowers in the Russian tradition. So, white is a symbol of nobility and candor. Blue color is associated with loyalty, honesty, perfection and chastity. Red color is a symbol of courage, courage, generosity, love. At least this decoding was given to the colors of the "Flag of the Tsar of Moscow", so named in 1693.
  2. The second version. Flag colors have historically designated areas of the Russian Empire. White was a symbol of White Russia, blue - Little Russia and red - Great Russia.At least the full title of tsars and emperors of Russia sounded as follows: "All Great, and Little and White Russia." This formulation implies the unity of Great Russians, Little Russians and Belarusians.
  3. Third version. The pre-revolutionary interpretation of these colors suggests the following: white symbolizes freedom, blue - the Mother of God, and red - statehood.
  4. The fourth version refers to the interpretation of the colors of the Russian flag as the trinity of the Orthodox Church, the power of the king and the people, where white is the symbol of the Orthodox Church, blue is the power of the king, and red is the Russian people.

Now you can call yourself a patriot with a clear conscience, because you know what the colors of the Russian flag mean.

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