What does garlic seem like in a dream

Why dream of garlic?

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Garlic in a dream, what does it mean?

On the magic dream book

Depending on what the dreamer does in a dream with garlic, one can interpret a dream. If a person puts him in the ground, then in reality he is inherently reliable protection against evil spirits. If garlic appeared in a dream collected in a bundle, then in reality a sleeping person can be confident in his own abilities. He can prove his case and is ready to do it if necessary. When garlic is still very young and green, then a person in real life is able to do what he wants, because he feels his freedom.

Dream dream Akulina

Garlic in a dream symbolizes good health, good relations with colleagues and a quick promotion. Dreamer expects success in business. Imagine for a moment, you use garlic as a seasoning for each dish on the table. Now try a little from each plate. What happened?

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

If you dreamed of garlic weeding, then in life you will find luck. An incredible accident will help in the moment to get rich.If a young woman dreams of such a dream, then she should prepare for a quick marriage. True, this marriage will be calculated. To dream of eating garlic is the fact that you have to give up the long-held dream and ideals of the past in order to do something more real. In the struggle for justice, such people give preference to calm and do not rush things.

Big Dream Phoebe

Garlic dreams to promote health, which was not in the best condition. Just think how great it will be to go to the market and buy a bunch of garlic, then add a few cloves to each cooked dish. This will certainly improve your health.

Psychoanalytic dream book

If you dreamed of garlic - a symbol of protection, then you should consider several interpretations of sleep. Since ancient times, this product was of particular importance. Because of its unusual shape and large number of teeth, it was also considered a symbol of fertility. Garlic was used to get rid of the evil forces in the house. This was due to its peculiar smell. He drives away the forces of evil from the owners of the home. In addition, in this dream-book, garlic is presented as a talisman that imparts fearlessness and protects the human body in the region of the heart.This valuable product was previously used as a magical attribute. Therefore, he is credited with magical properties. It is worth remembering only numerous films where garlic works for the good of the forces of good as a subject for expelling evil spirits, cleansing the house of dark forces.

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