What does a dream mean when you see fish in an aquarium?

Sleep associated with fish, with water space, usually has a favorable interpretation. Life on Earth originated in the depths of the ocean - perhaps this is partly due to the positive interpretation of such dreams. Let's see what dreams of fish in an aquarium, according to various interpretations.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

According to the compilers of Catherine the Great's dream book, those who see an aquarium in dreaming dreams are distinguished in real life by a passion for collecting. If you just watch the fish and other inhabitants of the home water reservoir, there is a chance of a pleasant surprise, which your loved one will give you in the near future.

Female dream book

Aquarium in a dream to see, buy, install means for a young girl to change jobs.

If a woman in a dream considers an aquarium, admiring its pretty inhabitants, then her life is good, she is happy with herself and her partner, happy and calm.This applies to all aspects of family life, including sexual.

If you are going to feed aquarium fish in a dream - wait for the guests in the near future.

East Dream

Why dream of an aquarium with a fish woman? For the young fair sex is a sign of a quick marriage, and the spouse will be wealthy. Financial problems do not threaten the couple, but there can be no mutual understanding in such a marriage.

The dream interpretation of the birthday of September - November and December

For the birthday of the autumn (and first winter) months, an aquarium in a dream foreshadows the appearance of offspring.

Dreaming longo

For those who are in a dream preparing food for fish, intending to feed the beautiful inhabitants of the aquarium, such a dream means in the near future a long monotonous work. If you treat it responsibly and with patience, it will give excellent results.

Dream Dream

To dream in an aquarium with fish means to enjoy peace and all sorts of pleasures in life.

Dream Miller

Do you see in a dream, as if they were going to change the water in the aquarium? Get ready for the immediate changes in life.

If someone wants to pull the fish out of the aquarium, and you just watch without hindering, this is a reason to think about your behavior. Perhaps recently you have become frivolous.This can cause a lot of trouble if you do not adjust your own behavior in accordance with generally accepted standards.

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