What do we need boron for?

This chemical element was discovered relatively recently. With a difference of several months at the beginning of the nineteenth century, boron was obtained by French and English chemists. Under natural conditions, the trace element is represented by salts, but it is not found in its pure form. The properties of the element in industry and crop production are noted and used.

The saturation of the steel surfaces with different products adds stability to the increase in temperature and hardness, which is actively used in rocket production, the atomic and chemical industries, and glass production.

In order to activate growth and exclude diseases in the period of plant formation, boron is used as a fertilizer. For the human body, this microelement is no less important, as we will describe in this article.

Necessity of an element

Why is boron necessary for the body? To normalize many processes occurring in it. The beneficial properties of a substance have a beneficial effect on human health. For example:

  1. Boron takes an active part in the normalization of the work of the endocrine glands. Promoting the metabolic processes of elements responsible for the human bone system, which include magnesium, fluorine and calcium, it makes the skeleton stronger and better structurally.
  2. The element helps to increase the level of sex hormones, which is no less important for maintaining the bone apparatus, especially for women in menopause. Under its influence, vitamin D is converted and calcium absorption is accelerated. The additional intake of bromine, which is a part of vitamin and mineral supplements, makes it possible to combat musculoskeletal diseases. It is necessary for the normal state of the skeletal system.
  3. The substance is important for the regulation of enzyme activity, the formation of nucleic acids and their normal metabolism. The body is unable to form a protein in the absence of boron, which adversely affects the growth and renewal of its tissues.
  4. Boron is indispensable in reducing the number of oxalates, which, when interacting with calcium, lead to the formation of kidney stones and the development of kidney stones.

The presence of an element in the body and how it is needed for a healthy life has recently been known, despite the long-term use in medicine of its compounds in the form of borax, boric acid, and others.

It is found in all components of the human body (brain and muscles, lymph nodes and lungs, kidneys and liver), but it is especially prevalent in the bones and enamel of the teeth. An increased boron concentration is found in the plasma of babies just born. Compounds of a substance are capable of exposure to:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antitumor;
  • lipid-lowering.

Therefore, drugs containing boron are prescribed by doctors for the treatment of diseases such as:

  • osteoporosis;
  • bone fluorosis;
  • arthritis;
  • the initial stages of epilepsy.

The therapeutic effect of this element on human health in general is very important and multifaceted.

Ways to replenish the element

The simplest way to saturate the body with a substance is eating foods containing it. The sources for this are plant products. In the preparation of the diet should be given preference:

  • nuts and beans, soy;
  • prunes and apple pears;
  • tomatoes and root crops;
  • grapes-raisins and dates;
  • honey;
  • seafood;
  • beer and red wine.

By the way, it is noticed that drinking water is sometimes saturated with boron. For example, for residents of Israel, the problems of joints are almost unknown, since in this area a high content of matter in the water. Countries in which there is a lack of an element, can not boast of a low level of diseases of arthritis and arthrosis.

The daily rate of the substance and its violations

Despite its usefulness, deviations from the norm of boron are harmful to health. Scientists have found that for the normal functioning of the body, it needs to receive from one to three milligrams of a substance during the day. At least 0.2 milligrams, so as not to have a deficit, which will have to be replenished by vitamin-mineral complexes or diets. The dose of four grams is considered toxic.

Element redundancycan lead to the following undesirable consequences associated with the loss of body fluids and severe symptoms that are difficult:

In such cases, measures are taken to limit the entry of boron into the body with the help of a qualified specialist.

Boron deficiencyin the human body is still being studied and rarely fixed. Laboratory studies show that its deficiency leads to the following deviations:

  • growth retardation;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • female diseases;
  • joint damage;
  • urolithiasis;
  • slow reactions;
  • scattering attention.

To fill the deficiency of the element is quite easy with the help of a properly chosen diet and taking drugs containing boron. Medical consultation is required.

Penetrates the substance into the body in different ways from the environment and household appliances. For example, while working in some industries, and having a place of residence near them. Even a moderate intake of compounds of a substance in the nasopharynx causes a response in the form of mucosal irritations.

With a high degree of air pollution, significant damage is caused to the lungs, since boron derivatives are highly toxic. Simultaneously with the use of water or food, when using detergents and, in some cases, even cosmetics. While in products, the element is immediately absorbed when it is consumed, excreted through the kidneys.And if its concentration is high, then irritation of the gastrointestinal tract occurs, followed by the occurrence of chronic diseases.

It is worth noting that in contact with the skin, boron causes its irritation, only being in large quantities. With the exclusion of contact, the skin is normal. The World Health Organization confirms the absence of mutations and the presence of carcinogenic properties of the element, with its positive effect on human health within the specified norms of daily consumption.

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