What can be made of pallets to give: 100 useful ideas

So, you have extra pallets in your dacha. Perhaps a few years ago it was on these pallets that you brought a brick for the construction of your new home, and since then they have been wandering aimlessly from one corner of the courtyard to another, hindering you and getting under your feet. Or maybe you just bought a summer cottage and found in the barn a few unnecessary pallets left by previous owners. One way or another, you asked the question "What can you do from pallets?" Of course, you can just break them into firewood, but we want to offer you some unconventional ideas, armed with which you can make beautiful and practical things from pallets for dachas, that will delight you and amaze your guests.

Furniture from pallets for summer cottage

Old pallets can be an excellent material for making original garden furniture. The main thing to follow a few simple rules.

First, it is important to thoroughly treat the outer surfaces with sandpaper to protect themselves and their loved ones from splinters.Of course, it is better and faster to do this with a grinder, but if it is not there, this work can be done manually.

And secondly, you need to be careful when choosing finishing materials. Stains, varnishes and paints can give a fantastic look to your new furniture, but not all of them are equally safe for a person. Carefully read the instructions for use on the package, and if in doubt, try to get a qualified consultation before buying.

You should not immediately threaten something difficult, especially if you first try yourself in carpentry. To get started, choose a simpler project. Better a little win than a big disappointment. If you've never tried to do something like that, start, for example, with a table like this. He is uncomplicated, practical, and most importantly - he will certainly find a place in your dacha. You can take up the manufacture of more complex items as soon as you feel confident in your abilities.

If you really have a lot of pallets, then from them you can get an excellent flooring for the terrace. Such a flooring will be much cheaper than a traditional plank floor, and it is easy to install.

Furniture from pallets can find its place not only in the garden at the cottage. It also perfectly fits into the interior of your living room, hallway, kitchen or bedroom, such as this is a TV stand.

The original shelf for things will decorate your workspace and help you find a place for every little thing.

And an unusual coat hanger will surely attract the attention of your friends when they decide to once again look to you for a visit.

A small coffee table from a pallet will refresh the room and become a unique item in your interior, because you can't buy one in the store.

In addition, the use of furniture from natural materials will bring you a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.

Another plus of such furniture is its absolute environmental friendliness.

Flower beds and decor from pallets for summer cottage

Also from the pallets you can make a large variety of flowerbeds, flower pots, stands and other decorative garden elements.

Using paints, varnishes and your imagination, you can give each thing its own unique character.

From the pallet you can make a beautiful shelf for flower pots.

Or a device for storing garden tools.

If you have children, you can make a sandbox for them.

Or a whole playground.

Or maybe you have been dreaming about a swing for a long time?

Connect your imagination and combine ideas. So you can create something of your own, absolutely unique and reflecting your individuality.

From old pallets you can make a lot of interesting, convenient and beautiful things to give, with the help of which you can completely transform your plot and bring a zest to the interior of your home. We hope that our selection of unique items made from pallets will inspire you to find your own solutions. Do not be afraid to experiment, the main thing here is a bold idea and a flight of fantasy

Pleasure yourself and surprise your friends with original things, because looking at your new desk or sofa, they just will not believe that you did it yourself from the old unnecessary pallets that for years lay in your garage.

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