What can be interesting to see in Guadeloupe?

Guadeloupe is the region of France, which is the largest island of the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles. On the one hand, the island is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and on the other - by the Caribbean Sea. From the point of view of geography, Guadeloupe consists of two, almost equal on the territory of the islands, Grand Ter and Bas Ter, connected by a narrow isthmus.

If you look at them from above, it becomes clear that the island looks like a butterfly: widely spread wings and a thin body formed by an isthmus. By the way, when the tide on the islands, this isthmus is completely covered with water, as a result of which a strait is formed between the two “wings”.

If you decide to rest in Guadeloupe, it means that you are a lover of a beach holiday, because beaches are the main attraction of the French region. Although the active tourists will find here what to do and what to see, what only is the diverse and unique nature of the island, besides, diving, hiking and cycling tourism, mountaineering and much more are very well developed here!

In general, if you want to see another exotic place with shades of French culture, the island of Guadeloupe will cope with this task perfectly.

Among the wildlife and unique places you can find luxury hotels, first-class restaurants and snow-white beaches, which are so lured to soak up the rays of the gentle sun. Adventure lovers can go exploring in the direction of the Sufier Volcano, which to this day remains valid.

General information for tourists

The administrative center of Guadeloupe is the large city of Bas-Ter, which means “Low Land”. But, despite this name, the entire western part of the island is mountainous and on it is also the Soufriere volcano, which is also the highest point of the Antilles.

But the territory of Grand Ter is a plateau, where most of the white beaches are located, and, of course, the bulk of comfortable and cozy hotels for every taste. Since the islands are the French region, the main language here is French, you can also meet the local language - Creole.

It is believed that Christopher Columbus became the first European to set foot on the land of Guadeloupe during his second expedition to America.The climate on the territory of the islands is tropical, which means that summer is here all year round, which is very convenient for those who have holidays, for example, in winter or in early spring.

Nature is not very different from the rest of the exotic islands: the sea waters are rich in colorful fish, crustaceans and other inhabitants, but the animal world on land is rather poor. The islands boast a large number of beautiful waterfalls, the most famous among which are the waterfalls on the Corbet River.

Most of the Caribbean archipelago is already very popular among tourists, but in spite of this, Guadeloupe is not yet fully mastered by foreigners, for the most part, there are holidaymakers from France.

This fact can be counted among the advantages of the French region, because here you will not encounter eternal crowds and queues of tourists, from whom you cannot escape to more advertised places of rest. Since the islands belong to France, a Schengen visa is required for their visit, and the euro is the national currency.

What to see?

Going to Guadeloupe, of course, it is worth visiting its capital, which attracts many tourists to the National Park, which is located on its territory.An amazing number of exotic birds lives here, and the park is a symbol of the wild raccoon, as these animals are constantly found in the park.

Here you can visit the famous and extraordinary aquarium populated by hundreds of diverse marine inhabitants of the Caribbean waters. It will also be useful to stroll through the city, whose architecture can be characterized by the colonial style.

Here, on the island of Bas-Ter, it is worth visiting the Soufriere volcano, whose height is about 1,470 meters above sea level. The volcano, covered with motley greens and a mysterious haze of fog, is really impressive, not to mention the emotions that arise when climbing to the top.

Lovers of windsurfing and diving, should go to the beautiful coast of St. Anne, which has all the conditions for these types of recreation. Also, we should not overlook the famous Pigeon Island with its Underwater Park - a place that will be curious and amazing even for the most experienced divers.

It should be noted another attraction - the modern waterfall Corbet which is located on the side of the Soufriere volcano.The waterfall really amazes with its size and grandeur: Corbet consists of three smaller waterfalls, which are located in a cascade.

The first of them, which falls to a height of approximately 125 m, can be seen if you climb a rather difficult and steep climb of 900 m. tracks. The second cascade falls to a height of about 110 meters.

And the latest, a small cascade, falls to a height of 20 m, but its water volumes exceed any waterfalls remaining in the territory of Guadeloupe. Only the most experienced and persistent tourists get to the last cascade.

Lovers of beautiful nature and a relaxing holiday will appreciate the cozy island of Saints, where flowers grow of amazing beauty, and the trees and bushes are overflowing with ripening exotic fruits. Gourmets and lovers of good food should go to the town of Dee, where they can enjoy the most unusual and delicious local cuisine.

If you want to appreciate the merits of national cuisine, then pay attention to stuffed and boiled crabs, seafood "kalalu", as well as a variety of stews of fish, vegetables and seafood.If you have an interesting local culture, you should go to the islands in the winter time, since it is during this period that the annual carnival takes place here.

A distinctive feature of this spectacle is the presence of two carnival groups: they are attached to European traditions and are followers of African culture.

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