What autumn dress is worth buying this year? (14 pictures)

Autumn for many is dull at times. But things can change if you meet this time of year in a beautiful, fashionable, stylish and comfortable dress. And how to choose such a piece of clothing? What will be fashionable in the fall of 2014?

Autumn should be fashionable

What should be an autumn dress?

First, a few words about what should be an autumn dress:

  • Since autumn sometimes presents not the most pleasant surprises in the form of bad weather and frost, it is best to choose warm dresses for everyday wear. They will warm in any bad weather, but at the same time will allow to keep femininity.
  • In the fall, you want something cozy! And the dress should also be comfortable, otherwise nothing good will come of such a dress. Just imagine: rain, mud, wind, but also a dress crushes, rubs and presses! It is not worth it. So choose soft natural fabrics and comfortable silhouettes.
  • An elegant woman should always be, even in bad weather. So forget about shapeless silhouettes and baggy models, it will not boost your mood, neither you nor your second half.
  • No vulgarity! Autumn is not the time to parade those parts of the body that it is desirable to hide. Firstly, no one will appreciate, and secondly, you risk freezing.

How to choose?

Print in fashion

It is necessary to follow fashion trends when choosing a dress, but blindly only believe fashion is not worth it. Consider other features if you want to look not only fashionable, but also elegant and stylish. Otherwise, the image will be ridiculous and ridiculous.

Here are some things to consider when choosing:

  • Type of appearance. For example, pale tones are not suitable for individuals with pale skin, they will simply “get lost”. It is better to choose something brighter, but not too much, otherwise a strong contrast will make the skin even more pale.
  • Features of the figure. Not everyone can boast the perfect figure. But, choosing a good dress, you can hide any shortcomings. For example, if the upper part is voluminous and the legs are slender, then choose a loose straight short dress. It is better not to cover wide hips, but to hide under flowing fabrics and free cut.
  • Growth. For example, long dresses for low girls do not go very well, but high ones make them elegant, giving the image a special chic.High ladies should not flaunt their legs in all their glory and length, it will look ridiculous. But the short girls go short dresses.

Fashion Trends 2014

Warmer option

What autumn dresses will be fashionable in the upcoming season of 2014? This year can be called the year of discoveries and self-expression, so sometimes you should not be afraid of the overcast sky and gray clouds. A beautiful dress will cheer up not only you, but everyone around you.

So, here are the 2014 fashion trends:

  • Colors. As for colors, the designers decided to dilute the boring autumn with a riot of colors, offering almost summer and juicy tones: magical turquoise, deep burgundy, sunny yellow, mind-stirring purple, noble blue, elegant and catchy mustard and sandy, “delicious” chocolate, beautiful purple and others. Actual will be warm shades of beige, as well as classic and universal black, which, by the way, is best diluted with contrasting bright details. If you like restraint in everything, then you will find suitable tones, for example, achromatic, which include all shades of gray. A gray dress is a classic, but it can be diluted, for example, with a bright red strap or other detail.
  • Prints.Although autumn is sometimes when all of nature falls asleep, but on dresses flowers can and should even bloom, many designers have proven it. So the trend will be bright floral ornaments. Animal prints, ranging from traditional leopard and snake skin to images of birds, insects and animals, are also relevant. Both intricate and simple geometric patterns that attract attention and hold gaze will be popular. Do you want something unusual and mysterious? Choose a dress with a fascinating abstract pattern. And also the classical cage and "crow's feet" will be fashionable.
  • Fabrics The most fashionable fabrics and materials of autumn 2014 are velvet, leather, knitwear, wool knitting (especially large), tweed. Velvet is chic and elegant, the skin is suitable for those who are used to attract attention. Knitwear - tenderness and freshness, mating - cosiness and comfort, and tweed - an unsurpassed classic. Want something flying and soft? Choose viscose, silk, satin. Sexuality will add lace and guipure, which is also relevant at any time of the year.
  • Decor. Here preference is given to minimalism: inserts of contrasting fabrics, lace.And lovers of chic can choose a model with a decoration of fur.

Fashionable styles

Simple and tasteful

The styles should be described separately, since for each model several recommendations should be made.

  1. Sheath dress is a combination of rigor and sexuality. This option is suitable both for the office (if it is restrained and deprived of any additional details), and for a party or an official event. Decorations and inserts, as well as all sorts of accents will decorate such a dress and enliven the image. But here it is worth to be more careful, because only slender girls can afford such a style, since the whole figure will be like in the palm of your hand. But you can vary the length of the hem and sleeves. Dress with short sleeves more open and youth, and with a long - formal and almost business. Such models can be worn only with elegant shoes with heels, no flat soles! And by all means pick up elegant coats and purses.
  2. A dress of a large knit sweater is more appropriate than ever. It can have a wide neck with a lapel, elastic at the hem, long or short sleeves. Relevant free straight cut. A cashmere fitted short dress will give the image of romance and femininity.But such a model would suit more slim girls, although it can hide some figure flaws.
  3. Relevant feminine model "new bow" with flared hem. It is incredibly gentle and romantic. By varying the length, you can hide flaws (for example, wide hips) and emphasize the advantages (thin waist). But the best option is a slightly open knees, such a length can be called the most profitable and universal. It is better to wear such dresses with short coats and with ankle boots or high heel shoes.
  4. Knitted tight-fitting dress - it is feminine and cozy. But since the knitwear fits the body, some flaws of the figure can stand out. What to wear with such models? With boots on a steady heel or with boots (you can even on a flat sole). From above you can put on both a coat and a leather jacket.
  5. A shirt dress is a great option that can be suitable for both office and everyday wear. Materials may be different (denim, tweed, corduroy). Wearing such models is better with a coat and boots with heels.
  6. Relevant free A-silhouette. In this case, it is better to choose youth short dresses.
  7. Long dresses with flared skirt or with a smell are the top of femininity and real chic. Only shoes can be combined with them, it is better to wear heels. Also pick up the clutch.
  8. Want to stand out from the crowd? Get fitted or loose short leather dress.

Choose your perfect dress and show off in it.

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