What are the requirements for IVF?

What are the requirements for IVF?Before the IVF, the couple will undergo a series of surveys. The procedure of in vitro fertilization requires careful study of the body of both women and men. The results are analyzed by the specialists of the IVF clinic: reproductive specialist, andrologist, gynecologist, urologist. Then the doctors give the necessary recommendations and select the most appropriate program. In the case of contraindications, treatment is prescribed to eliminate them, if possible.
Analyzes that are similar for both spouses: blood type and Rh-accessory, AIDS / HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C.

Research of indicators of the woman

Necessary examinations: fluorography, cardiac electrocardiogram, cytological examination of the cervix (smear).
What are the requirements for IVF?


  • blood for hormones (FSH, progesterone, LH, etc.);
  • a vaginal smear for infections, flora;
  • biochemical and general blood analysis;
  • Analysis of urine;
  • sensitivity to medicines;
  • Coagulation assay;
  • oncomarkers;
  • rubella.

In addition, each patient is consulted by a general practitioner to confirm the possibility of successfully carrying the fetus and the absence of contraindications. You also need to get the conclusion of the breast specialist on the satisfactory condition of the mammary glands.

Male research

In addition to general tests, the spouse needs to pass a spermogram (on an empty stomach), an analysis on the state of hormones (on an empty stomach), a biochemical blood test (urea, bilirubin, etc.).
What are the requirements for IVF?
Spermogram reveals the following ejaculate indicators:

  • sperm motility;
  • acidity;
  • viscosity;
  • level of sperm forms;
  • the percentage of leukocyte prevalence;
  • the presence of morphologically normal forms;
  • the presence of STIs.

It is obligatory to consult a urologist-andrologist.

Necessary analysis for spouses over 35 years of age

What are the requirements for IVF?

It is important to note that the older the patients are, the more difficult the procedure is. The quality of germ cells is markedly reduced (especially in women), and the risk of developing genetic pathologies in a child is increased. Therefore, a study of genetic predispositions is additionally assigned to the total package of analyzes.Detailed study allows you to avoid the development of diseases and syndromes.

IVF assays using donor materials

This type of IVF suggests a special approach. Associated examinations are determined individually for each pair. The necessary analyzes are determined by the process of the procedure and the history of patients.

Post-IVF Assays

What are the requirements for IVF?

After a few days after the embryo has moved into the uterine cavity, an examination is conducted to identify indicators of the hormone hCG. This analysis should take place every pregnancy several times, regardless of the way of conception.

After the pregnancy is confirmed, the patient is assigned ultrasound monitoring. Then everything goes in the same normal pregnancy mode.

In Russia, there are many medical centers that provide the opportunity for in vitro fertilization. First you need to get the first consultation and clarify the most important points. Perhaps a specialist will advise you on an alternative way of conception.

The doctor will appoint the necessary examinations and tell about the features. You may need to consult with individual doctors of "narrow" specialization. In addition, an important step is the preparation for IVF.All recommendations should be taken into account and adhered to as long as necessary.

The cost of in vitro fertilization is quite high, not everyone can afford this method of solving the problem of infertility. The legislation of the Russian Federation provides an opportunity to carry out IVF for free on a quota or OMS insurance.

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