What colors in this season is fashionable to arrange a wedding?

A girlfriend is going to marry in the fall, pick up her subject. We thought about a strawberry theme or a sea one, but I don’t know what is preferable, the scales are completely different, so I would like to know the opinion of an expert, or just the advice of other girls ;-)


I would refer this question to Xenia Root or Elena Oboznaya. It is always interesting to make any of the topics mentioned as a leitmotif, but the main thing is not to overdo it with elements. At the moment, themed weddings are no longer popular, the organizers are paying more and more attention to the essence of the couple, their interests and the love and love story, and they are guided by the choice of concept. Try to do the same ... If for a couple the maritime theme has become unifying and fundamental, then this can be perfectly linked into a concept. Or maybe he made her an offer in a strawberry field - so why not?



Try to match the taste of the newlyweds, and not under what is fashionable this season.

Autumn is almost winter, as it is wild to make a wedding in blue in the fall. It seems to me that traditionally white with tones of gold would be more appropriate. My sister celebrated in the fall, we bought her a white fur coat at the ALEF store.alefmex.ru. The wedding was in the white and red colors of autumn.

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