What are the chakras responsible for?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 6, 2015
What are the chakras responsible for?

Chakras are the energy centers of the human body that fill it with vital energy. There are seven chakras, each has its own location and unique value.

Let's see what the chakras are responsible for.


The location of Muladhara is the base of the spine.

This chakra affects the instincts, the general state of human health and procreation. If Muladhara is in order, the person is active, has good health, is confident in himself. In the event that Muladhara is closed, a person often suffers from various diseases and is injured, moreover, he is not confident in himself - he feels fear and anxiety.


Svadhisthana location - 5 inches below the navel.

Sphere of influence - emotions, feelings of pleasure, sexuality, charisma, building relationships. Signs of open chakra - the ability to get along with people, the love of his body, sensuality. If the chakra is closed, the person has problems in bed, communicating with other people, the person begins to indulge in bad habits.


Manipura location - under the sternum at the point of convergence of the ribs.

The area of ​​responsibility of this chakra is willpower and individuality, the ability of an individual to achieve goals. If the chakra is open, the person is clearly aware of his goals and succeeds in achieving them, otherwise the person is constantly experiencing uncertainty about work and money, he becomes a workaholic, but this does not particularly help to succeed.


Anahata location - in the center of the chest.

The sphere of influence of Anahata is love, sympathy, kindness, joy, a feeling of harmony and happiness. Signs of open chakra - the ability to love and be loved, the ability to rejoice, to be kind and caring. A closed chakra leads to a lack of joy in life; a person cannot love either himself or others.


The location of Vishuddha is in the center of the throat.

This chakra is responsible for creative and leadership skills. An open chakra helps a person to constructively communicate and communicate his ideas to others, a blocked chakra creates problems with self-expression.


The location of Ajna is between the eyebrows.

Chakra is responsible for intuition, conscious perception, superconsciousness. If the chakra is all right, the person feels subtlehe has developed psychic abilities, otherwise the person is in limbo - he does not understand why he lives, feels like a loser, experiences anxieties and fears.


Location Sahasrara - in the area of ​​the crown.

The area of ​​responsibility of Sahasrara is spirituality and connection with the divine. Harmonious chakra gives a person a feeling of unity with other people, uniqueness, connection with God, blocked makes a person lost, depressed and lonely.

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