What are health groups?

All sorts of surveys, external examinations, numerous studies conducted with the help of ultrasound, allow you to find both obvious and hidden diseases, the probability of finding drugs in the blood of the subject, to determine the presence and possible direction of many permanent diseases. According to the results of such an examination, the first, second, or third group of health is assigned to the patient, further contacts with specialists of a certain type of medicine are recommended, and adequate treatment is prescribed.

The first group of health

The first group is usually considered to be healthy people who have successfully passed testing and research and have no chronic or other diseases. This, as a rule, small group does not need surgical treatment and re-closest medical examination.The definition of a health group allows doctors to identify patients who need more attention, spa treatment and rehabilitation measures.

Second group

The second group is considered to include patients without any special signs of serious chronic diseases, which, meanwhile, belong to the risk group in the direction of the development of vascular diseases, they are prescribed therapeutic drugs, and the schedule of examination by a cardiologist is determined.

Third group

The third group is usually referred to people suffering from chronic or acute diseases that require early intervention by specialists. These people need adequate treatment, further rehabilitation, ongoing prevention and monitoring of the identified disease.

Children's health groups

For young patients, a special scale has been established, dividing children into five main groups according to their health and the presence of hidden and clearly manifested diseases caused by genetics or developmental features. The first group of health unites absolutely healthy babies with adequate physical development, the second group identifies children with low resistance to acute diseases, such children are usually registered with specialized specialists, and their parents explain the need for an annual medical examination of the child even in the absence of signs of the disease .
Health groups are important not only for doctors and patients, this is an indicator for teachers who, for example, exempt children from the 4th and 5th groups from physical education, and for the second they develop special classes.
The third group unites children with non-acute chronic diseases, the fourth - consists of patients endowed with developmental pathologies.

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