Welded grates - budget protection against burglars and burglars


Advantageous combination

Products have undeniable advantages, thanks to which they are in wide demand among customers:

  1. Reliability. Proper installation provide reliable 100% protection.
  2. Functionality. Mounted welded construction is easy. Caring for the boiled grill is not required, the lifetime is unlimited.
  3. Aesthetics. The product looks spectacular on the window, the doors. Does not violate the view from the room. Many design options allow you to create a unique exterior element.

Functional differences

Based on the characteristics of the manufacture of welded structures, there are functional differences. Grilles can be:

  • swing;

  • sliding;

  • stationary;

  • removable

Such products look spectacular as the windows of residential and industrial office buildings. In office buildings, it is better to use a deaf stationary structure, since its level of protection is several times higher.One window opening in the office, the enterprise will still have to be equipped with a sliding grille, because these are fire safety requirements. In case of fire through the window, it will be easy to evacuate people. And for an apartment, a cottage or a country cottage, swing, sliding grilles, which can be used as shutters, are more suitable. They look more subtle. In any case, the product always performs a decorative and protective function at the same time.

Price quality

If forged products the main advantage is the appearance, then welded gratings are the perfect combination of price and quality. If necessarythe product can be painted in any color, and then, according to aesthetics, they will be little more than the forged counterparts. For a small price, the buyer can ensure a reliable protection against hacking. Therefore, a welded grille for windows, doors and gates is a profitable investment.

How to choose a welded lattice?

Customers are given the opportunity to buy a product made from a sketch from a catalog or to order the fabrication of a grille according to their own design project. When ordering, be sure to consider:

  • lattice purpose;

  • dimensions (height, width);

  • ornament.

Standard cell drawing will cost the customer many times cheaper. He can not boast of originality, but its protective properties are not inferior. For industrial facilities, this type of window barriers is the best fit, because here it is the protection against burglary - the main purpose of welded gratings. For an apartment or a country cottage, you can order a lattice with an ornament made in the style of modern, classic or gothic. The more complex the ornament, the more expensive the purchase will cost, but the result is good.

Lifetime, reliable protective properties, many options for ornament - the main reasons why customers choose welded structures. But, in the first place is still the price. Loyal value makes the product available for purchase to all categories of the population. If you can not buy a forged grille, then buy a welded no problem. Additional decoration in the form of a subtle ornament and painting will bring the product closer to the ideal. And processing with anti-corrosion mixtures will make the product not kill for many years.

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