Weather in St. Petersburg at the beginning and end of September 2016 - weather forecast. Which is usually September in St. Petersburg


The weather in St. Petersburg in September 2016 will be quite rainy and cool. The forecast of the meteorological center reports that the cages will fall significantly more than usual during this period of time, and the “Indian summer” will last only 3-4 days. At the beginning of the month, and more precisely in the first decade, the number of sunny, clear and dry days will not exceed 3. The next rare bursts of good weather will fall on 2 and 3 decades, but they will not last long and quickly surrender to the onslaught of the northern and north-western atmospheric fronts. which will bring to the city significant cooling and prolonged rains. It will be more or less dry and cloudless only at the end of the month, but the rays of the autumn sun will no longer be able to warm the air above + 7 ... 10 ° C.Walking around the city, you will have to dress warmly and be sure to take a raincoat or an umbrella with you so that the sudden stormy weather does not take you by surprise.

What is the usual weather at the beginning and end of September in St. Petersburg

Variable and unstable - this is what usually happens in St. Petersburg at the beginning and end of September. In the first autumn month, gusting winds rush over the city and, stirring atmospheric fronts, bring with them all sorts of cyclones. Indigenous people of St. Petersburg who know the unique climate of their place of residence are never surprised if bright, sunny and warm days suddenly give way to a series of rains and a sharp cooling, but the guests of North Palmyra often find themselves in an uncomfortable position, not having warm clothes and raincoats on hand. and umbrellas. Therefore, if you plan to visit St. Petersburg in September, put things in a suitcase, so to speak, for all occasions. Then meteorological whims will not spoil the trip, and you will be able to freely admire the magnificent landscapes of St. Petersburg, architectural monuments, museums and even take a pleasant stroll through the river Neva in the autumn.


Usually, in the first decade of the month, a gentle and cloudless “Indian summer” reigns in St. Petersburg, however, some years violate traditions and amaze residents and guests of the city either with excessively high (up to + 28 ° C in 2010) or too low (up to + 3 ... 4 ° C in 2003) with temperature values. Since September 10, as a rule, it gets cold, and precipitation from the rank of rarity turns into a regular and sometimes permanent regime. By the end of the month, the weather deteriorates completely and it becomes absolutely clear that the onset of the cold period will not keep itself waiting for too long.

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According to a preliminary forecast of the weather center, the weather in St. Petersburg in September is expected to be rather damp and not too warm. The first day will still delight guests and residents of northern Palmyra with a pleasant + 21 ° C and bright, gentle sun, but the next day it will capitally rain and rain will occupy the city until the 10th. The air temperature in the daytime will vary from + 14 ° C to + 17 ° C, and in the evening the mercury column will slide to even lower rates (+ 10 ... 11 ° C). A ray of light in this “kingdom” of bad weather will be September 4 and 7.These days, the wind will disperse the clouds and the sky will again become cloudless and bright blue.

The 11th day in St. Petersburg will be cloudy with clearings, and from 12 to 15 again heavy rains will pass and cool to + 12 ... 13 ° C. Four dry fine days (from September 16 to September 19) with relatively warm air temperatures will revive the hope that the “Indian summer” in 2061 will still make the city happy with its presence, however, a cold cyclone with a whole series of fine, long rains will reduce people's aspirations to no. The pouring will cease only at the end of the month, to be exact, on the 26th. September will end on dry, sunny days and temperature indicators traditional for this period - from + 9 ° C to + 11 ° C in the day period. The nights will become cold in winter and at night the thermometer will not rise above + 5 ... 6 ° C.


Those who plan to spend their holidays or business trips on the banks of the Neva in September should take non-wind-proof clothes, waterproof shoes, a raincoat or an umbrella and a hat. Without these things, exploring the streets of St. Petersburg and admiring the unique beauty of architectural ensembles will be extremely uncomfortable.

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