Weather in Gelendzhik in August 2016 - weather forecast. What is the usual August weather for Gelendzhik?

GA-003Tourists planning to spend holidays on the Black Sea coast of Russia are extremely interested in the weather in Gelendzhik in August 2016. Forecasters give quite an exhaustive answer to this question and say that the last summer month will please with clear days, with truly summer heat and warm, like fresh milk, sea water. At the beginning of the month, the thermometer will pick up to the mark of + 30 ° C and stay on it until the 15-16th number. At the end of August, the air will cool slightly and it will be slightly easier to breathe at the resort. Around the 27th, the most active journey will begin and, as local residents say, the beaches are almost completely empty. But this will not last long, since already from September 5, more respectable older citizens will come to the city, preferring a more relaxed rest in mild and delicate weather conditions.

What is the usual weather in Gelendzhik in August according to reviews


Hot and dry - this is what the weather in Gelendzhik usually costs in August, as reviews of tourists say. The beginning of the month is famous for high temperatures and quite intense humidity. In the last decade of August, the heat subsides a bit, and the atmosphere becomes almost perfect for beach activities and sightseeing. Water throughout the month pleases with its warmth and the almost complete absence of storms. Rainfall to enjoy the resort life does not interfere. They fall very little and it does not spoil the rest.


Weather in Gelendzhik in August - water temperature at the beginning and end of the month


Like the weather in Gelendzhik in August, the temperature of the water meets the highest requirements and wishes of tourists. Burning sunshine at the beginning of the month warms up the sea to + 25 ... 26 ° C and no longer want to go out of the gentle waves, neither adults nor children. True, such an intense gathering of people agitates the water, and it becomes cloudy in the immediate vicinity of the coast. Therefore, lovers of crystal-clear, clear sea have to sail away from the coastal line or move to the so-called "wild" beaches.

In the Gelendzhik Bay itself, from time to time a large amount of algae accumulates and swimming becomes less comfortable. However, vacationers do not get hung up on these minor details and just enjoy the hot sun and warm water.


On city beaches, it is extremely rare in the last summer month, therefore those who wish to ride the waves go to Blue Bay or Kruchu, where troubled waters of the open sea fight on the shore. Families with small children, on the contrary, try to settle in the central part of the bay. There, the water is characterized by complete tranquility, and the beach area consists of medium-sized imported sand, through which you can walk barefoot without fear of injury.

Weather in Gelendzhik in August 2016 - weather forecasters


A preliminary forecast by weather forecasters, made on the basis of observations of the meteorological conditions in the region, rather accurately tells what the weather is planned for in Gelendzhik for August 2016. This summer heat will be established at the beginning of the month. In the first days, the thermometer will step over the mark at + 30 ° C and this situation will continue until August 15.Then the solar activity will decrease slightly, and the average daily temperature will be + 27 ... 29 ° C. At night it will blow light coolness, however, not to such an extent that walking requires windbreakers or warm sweaters. The temperature will drop only to + 20 ° C and it will be quite comfortable to explore the surroundings in the evening.

The water will warm up to a record + 26.3 ° C and swimming will be more than pleasant. Strong, prolonged winds are not expected, and a light breeze will blow from the sea at a speed of no more than 4 m / s. Not expected and heavy rains. The amount of expected precipitation is approximately 31.4 mm and will not affect the quality of rest.

By the end of the month will be slightly colder. A mercury column will smoothly slide to the mark of + 26 ... 28 ° C and smell in the air rapidly approaching autumn. Reviews of tourists say that this is typical for the resort and so it occurs annually, starting around August 26.

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