We study the menu of the player

We study the menu of the playerSo, we study the player menu. iTQ is the most extensive in terms of functions and features of the player. When you first access it, you will see an inscription about the need to update the software of this subsection of the menu. To do this, you can use the online service, but it is better and more reliable if you preload a new version of the software on external Ui> B media, or the built-in hard drive, and then update the player’s software, or part of its menu, additional subroutines that were not originally included in its main software.
To update the software, you enter the Xtreaming menu, then select the item - software update over the network, then follow the prompts on your TV screen. To update the software from the media, you need to go to the player’s menu in the file manager and select the required update file. Then you need to wait for the player to automatically restart.


After the upgrade, the Xtreaming section will be slightly transformed; an intermediate splash screen will now appear between the main menu and the Xtreaming menu. You will see two icons: access to the Xtreaming menu and Services menu,Going to the Services menu you will see a lot of icons, each of which indicates the possibility of installing (installation) in this section of the player menu of one or another additional program for working with it. So by selecting the popular EX.UA service, clicking on the icon with such a symbol, we will call the installation of this service. After that, logging into the Xtreamer section, you will see the new service added to it. The services already installed in the player are listed in green in the list of services. A second click on the icon will allow you to remove the service that you do not like.


Among the large number of additional services that can be installed in the player, there are the most popular ones, such as; Torrent wedges, File hosting service EX.UA, IPTV TV Picture and others. You personally, of course, can even install all the services that you want, followed by their launch and determined for you personally - whether you like this service or not. In the case of a negative evaluation, you can remove any of them, as easily as installed. Let us dwell a little more on the EX.UA service.


This service implies access to files that are located on the file sharing service, uploaded to it by users of the service. It is possible that some of them, if not even the majority, do not have license rights.These files may include new movies that have not even been received yet. Undoubtedly, such facts are cyber-piracy, however, to watch such files, and even more so to download, refers only to your personal conscience. What will win you: the desire to get the opportunity to see a new film for free or your conscience, the question is not for this article. So, what does the EX.UA service offer?


Going to the service "Ukraine online", you get into the whole extensive menu provided by this service. In fact, this is just a part of the software of the additional program for the player. And this menu is written by a programmer who has nothing to do with the EX.UA service. Since this site in the computer's browser looks completely different. And here, the programmer simply wanted this service in the player to look that way. Which, however, does not make it any worse than access to the site through a computer. A few seconds after entering the name in the search bar, a list of files with similar names opens before you, and all you have to do is choose one of them. It often happens that the name of the file is there, but it is not really already - it was deleted from the server. In this case, you just need to go to the next file and try your luck in viewing it.


The service has a lot of sections, where movies and other files are divided into categories and genres. For example, I wanted to watch the film "The Island of Unwanted People." You can certainly search for this series in sections and categories, but you can just use the search for the name of the movie, because it is known. Having finally selected the file you are interested in, you can start viewing it. And here the player provides additional opportunities that you can not provide ordinary television. This is the absence of advertising as such; it has already been cut out of the film beforehand and diligently and the cleaned file has been put on the server. You can also just pause and go to current or urgent business. And the preview can continue from anywhere in the movie at any time convenient for you.


It will also be interesting to download the movie to both the hard drive installed in the player and the external USB drive connected to it. Or on a hard drive, located remotely, but located in any computer, or any other device, but available on an Ethernet network.


The player copes with a truly amazing variety of different media files,do not forget that all the functions of windings, pause, frame-by-frame reproduction, in general, everything that can only be imagined and imagined, is subject to it.


In addition to the additionally installed service, the player has its own, called Xtreaming. Having entered it for the first time, at first the eyes just run away. And even difficult to take the first step - how to start viewing services in it.


Each line in this menu is its own service with its own menu, functions and capabilities. You can notice among them: popular FaceBook, and news, and service for listening to Internet radio stations, weather service. It will also be interesting to have a service that provides access to IPTV viewing from different Internet TV providers.

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