Getting rid of the moth in the house.

Getting rid of the moth in the house.

Getting rid of the moth in the house.

We get rid of moths in the house.



In the world there are about forty species of moths. The most unpleasant for people and dangerous for things is the furniture, fur-coat, clothes, mushroom and grain (food) moths.

There are suggestions that a mole is a small moth that flits around the house, but this opinion is erroneous. There are moths in the form of caterpillars. It is these tracks that cause damage to things, food and furniture. If the house has a mole in the form of moths, it means that somewhere a mole caterpillar will certainly devour a fur coat or dress. It often starts up in clothes.

Measures should be taken to destroy it.


Measures for the extermination of the moth.



Getting rid of the moth in the house. First, you need to find her secluded place where she is located. Most often, where the moth was found, in the same room and a hotbed. If the room - it means the mole in the closet with clothes. If the kitchen, therefore, it is in the croup.

It should be remembered that a mole carries a greater danger in the form of a caterpillar, and not a moth with wings. There are facts that in a day such a mole can make a hole in any woolen thing. And this is only one, and, as a rule, there are many of them.

To prevent holes in your favorite clothes, the mole must be destroyed. Getting rid of the moth in the house.

You should know that the moth does not tolerate sunlight and movement. That is why for settling, she uses dark cabinets, eats particles of dirty and long-unworn clothing. Therefore, putting things in a closet for a long period of time, you should first wash it or clean it, dry it, preferably pack it in polyethylene or a cover and only then put it in the closet. This is especially true of fur coats. Additionally, you should put an antimol tablets in the package. Before packing, the clothes are shaken thoroughly.

A moth that lives in clothing can live up to two years. It feeds on feathers, wool, felt, and other natural materials, such as velvet, and even bookbinding. The mole survives even at zero degrees. Polyethylene and synthetics easily burst through it.

The most powerful remedy against dummy moth is dichlorvos. And to prevent and scare you can use the shag, strawberry soap, naphthalene, lavender and fir oil and eucalyptus leaves. To do this, moisten the tampon with this oil and put it in the closet with things.But this is only to scare away the moths, and there is no guarantee that it will not start. Chemicals should be used to kill these insects.


Moth scarers (called repellents) are available in briquettes or tablets. They include naphthalene and camphor alloys. Their ratio is 4: 1. These drugs are placed on the top shelf in the closet, because couples tend to fall down, filling the space of the closet. This prevents moths from breeding. But such funds in large quantities are unsafe for human health. Should be careful.

Naphthalene from moth is the best remedy. It is used by people for generations. But it is still used as a deterrent. Naphthalene does not destroy the mole and its larvae. And if you believe the latest scientific research, a pair of naphthalene provokes cancer in animals and people.


Getting rid of the moth in the house. In addition to the clothing moth, there is also a kitchen mole. It starts in croup, feeds on it and multiplies there. In order to exterminate it, it is best to throw out the cereals, since the means of ridding the food moth have not yet been invented. And the containers and cabinets, where it multiplied, should be washed with soap and water.All the slots in the kitchen cabinets can be missed with a brush dipped in vinegar. The cabinets must be ventilated before storing food there. Cereals are best kept in glass containers, it is forbidden to use cardboard boxes. Chemicals to combat food moth categorically do not use, you can poison yourself.

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