We decided to make repairs in the house, which floors are better: laminate, parquet or cork?

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Answered on December 9, 2014 11:51
I would like to help you with your problem, but I’m not sure that I can, because the choice of floor covering will also depend on the room where it will be laid. There are differences in the installation, maintenance and cleaning of floors. Buying laminate or flooring, you save money and effort. Cork and linoleum can be used for children's room. Many parents rely on cork material because it is heat-insulating and, in fact, turns out to be especially durable, which is important for active child games on the floor. Add to this a wide range of colors, ease of installation and low maintenance requirements. PVC - the floor “gets along” well with heating, so it is suitable for any residential area, including for the nursery. Carpet flooring is also a “warm” material and relatively easy to install.but the distinctive disadvantage of such a floor is painstaking care for its cleanliness. The parquet floor never loses its popularity, and today it is often laid in different areas of the house. Parquet gives the rooms an elegant design, providing comfort and warmth to your home. However, this type of floor is not the most economical, you will have to spend money on its installation. He is also picky in care. I hope that you caught my thought, and I was able to help you with something.

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