Victory Day - a holiday that should not be forgotten

A memorable and significant holiday for all of us is approaching - Victory Day. And such a significant event certainly needs to be celebrated with your child. And how exactly can this be done?

Celebrate or not?

If you do not consider this day a holiday, it is very, very sad. Such a date is a turning point of the epoch, this is our history, a part of our life. If it were not for those brave soldiers who conquered their native land at the cost of their own lives, then the current generation most likely would not exist. And it would be impossible to talk about a calm and stable life.

Remember the feat

If you have a child, then it is worth celebrating such a holiday at least for the sake of it, so that the younger generation knows the history of the country in which they live, value their lives and the peaceful sky over their heads, and respect their elders. Children should understand that we owe all that we have to veterans - those selfless fighters for freedom who gave their countrymen a future.

An ordinary holiday or a special day?

It should be noted right away that Victory Day is not just an ordinary holiday and an extra day off for all those who work. This is a very special date. So, celebrate May 9 in a special way.

It is sad and sad to look at today's young people, who go to the square and other places visited, not to honor the winners and enjoy the victory, but just to meet with friends and have fun. It is especially disgusting to watch drunk teenagers with cigarettes and to see heaps of empty bottles and cigarette butts.

Do not turn May 9 into a booze!

Do not defile the memory of those who fought for us to live. Of course, it is possible to meet with friends or with relatives, this is not prohibited and not forbidden. For example, you can go to nature, fry kebabs. But remember what you are for.

And, of course, do not forget about the elementary safety rules, as well as clean up all the garbage. And watch the child, in nature it can face a lot of dangers and threats.

Congratulate those who deserve it!

Who defended us many years ago? Thanks to whom we live now? Of course, these are highly respected veterans.They deserve special respect and reverence. They are the heroes, it is in their honor that all congratulations should sound. Unfortunately, the years go by and spare no one. Those who saw all the events of the war with their own eyes, there are few. Those who participated in the battles, even less. And yet they still have!

great day

Be sure to congratulate the veterans! If you have any familiar war heroes, go with your child to visit them. Buy flowers, fruits. Elderly people are very important attention. So if you make a homemade postcard or some other souvenir together with the child, the veteran will be doubly pleased! Let the child learn a poem about the war and its heroes and tell it.

Even if there are no veterans among friends, this is no reason to abandon such an idea. Go to the flower shop, buy flowers and keep your way to the place of your city, where veterans usually gather on this great day. Give flowers to unfamiliar heroes, express your gratitude to them! You can be photographed with veterans, it will also be nice for them.

Go to significant places

Surely in your city there are places associated with the Great Patriotic War.It can be monuments, ruined buildings and much more. Be sure to visit such places with the child. If there is an opportunity, sign up for a tour, because everyone should know the history of their homeland. But in the role of a guide you will be able to speak well if you are well prepared.

A beautiful holiday

You can buy a special booklet (these are often sold directly next to significant places). And you can independently study literature. It is easy to find it in the library or on the Internet (it is important that all data be reliable!). The story should be interesting, so find out something interesting, find out what is connected with this or that place. Our children need to know their story! And parents should help them in this.

If in your city there is a museum in which military exhibits are stored, by all means go there! Surely, the child will be interested to see household items and weapons of the war years.

Attend the rally

Over the years, certain traditions of celebrating Victory Day have been established. In many cities, rallies are held every year on May 9. Visit this event. You can prepare for it in advance by making a poster.This may be a child's drawing, in which the child depicts the events of the war or the celebration of Victory Day. And you can make a small banner with gratitude to veterans.

Do not forget about the main

In some cities, there is an action "Faces of Victory", which is designed to show the faces of the characters. If, for example, your grandfather fought, who is no longer alive (or who cannot attend the rally himself), order his portrait or take a large photo, carry it with pride, showing everyone one of the Victory!

School holiday

How to celebrate May 9 at school? The celebration should be interesting. What can be done?

  • Let each student learn one war poem or veterans. This may be a small poem. It is important that children recite poems with the soul, penetrate into them and understand the essence.
  • The whole class should certainly learn at least one military song and sing it together and in unison. The simplest and most well-known option is the famous “Katyusha”. But there are a lot of other songs. Do not choose too complex and long pieces, children are not easy to remember and sing.
  • You can play a sketch or a whole play.The plot can be based on real historical actions or the plot of some famous military film. It is important to stock up on military paraphernalia. Find gymnasts, caps and caps, flasks, toy guns and pistols and everything else that can remind you of the war and its heroes.
  • If there is such an opportunity, by all means invite a veteran to the class. Let him tell you about what he saw, what he felt, what he fought for. Children will be interested to talk with a witness of those events and learn the details of the hostilities.
  • Hold a quiz to include questions about the Great Patriotic War. Here are some of them:
  1. Who was the initiator of the outbreak of hostilities? (Germany, Adolf Hitler).
  2. When the Great Patriotic War began (in 1941, June 22).
  3. What are the hero cities known to you? (Moscow, Odessa, Sevastopol, Novorossiysk, Murmansk, Kiev, Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Stalingrad (Volgograd), Minsk, Smolensk, Tula, Kerch).
  4. What was the name of the plan of invasion of Germany in the USSR ("Plan Barbarossa").
  5. What battle became important and crucial during the Great Patriotic War (Battle of Stalingrad).
  6. What name (by the name of the sergeant) is the house located in Stalingrad, which the Soviet soldiers defended for several months? (Pavlov's House).
  7. Who commanded the First Belarusian Front in the capture of Berlin (Marshal Zhukov).

Celebrate Victory Day with dignity!

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