Victoria Beckham accused of promoting anorexia

Victoria Beckham does not want to give in to her principles and change her ideas about beauty. While more and more designers are in a hurry to bring in models such as Ashley Graham, Vicki remains one of the few who are willing to continue to work with skinny girls.

No, Victoria Beckham herself has long been accused of anorexia for a long time. But the models that she chooses for filming in advertising campaigns, do not cease to cause outrage. At this time, a stormy surge of emotions on the Web caused a model from the advertisement of a new collection of glasses. “Looking at her, my so thin daughter thinks she needs to starve,” one of the perplexed mothers left a displeased comment on the social network. This reaction was generated by two photos laid out by Victoria Beckham in Instagram and on Facebook, where the 29-year-old Lithuanian model Hydra Dukauskaite posing with glasses from the new collection Victoria Beckham Eyewear spring / summer 2018.

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Victoria Beckham accused of promoting anorexia
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