Very funny: cats play the game "Kill the Mole"

Do not know who to photograph - take pictures of the seals; As for Instagram, it's always a great idea that brings thousands of likes. Special luck - to find charismatic tailed-striped or catch them for some ridiculous occupation. The Japanese photographer Nina Kichi was doubly lucky: while taking an ordinary walk, he paid attention to stray cats, which then appeared from somewhere out of the ground, then disappeared into the depths again. Coming closer, he realized that the cunning ones had chosen holes in the asphalt for sewage. The photographer captured their game on camera and laid out @ nyankichi5656 to his account. The page has more than 50 thousand subscribers, and their number is growing. Most likes collect pictures with an inflatable hammer, as in the popular game "Kill the mole." But do not worry, not a single cat was filmed during the shooting.

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