Useful properties of the plant golden mustache

Golden mustache is well known to many flower growers, but not everyone knows that such a plant is useful. And certain of its properties will help improve health and get rid of some problems.

Brief description of the plant

Golden mustache, also called calligraphy, is a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the Comelin family. It is used as a room and is found on the windowsills in many apartments and houses, but its home is Mexico, it was from there that this representative of the flora was brought to the USSR in the 80s of the last century.

Golden mustache has three types of shoots. The first fleshy and upright, reach a height of 100-120 centimeters and have reminiscent corn-wide and long leaves. The second shoots grow horizontally and are covered with underdeveloped leaves. And the third kind comes out of the trunk and forms a long mustache, culminating in rosettes. It is on them are small, but possessing a pleasant aroma of flowers, gathering in drooping inflorescences.


The composition of fragrant callusia is very rich, and includes pectins, phytosterols, tannins, flavonoids, vitamins P, C, groups B and A, as well as zinc, manganese, potassium, chromium, iron, calcium and other equally useful components.


The healing properties of the golden mustache are numerous and surprising:

  • This plant is very useful for joints, as it strengthens them, suppresses inflammation and eliminates pain, including with arthritis, rheumatism, arthrosis and other diseases.
  • Golden mustache has powerful antioxidant activity that neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals. The natural antioxidants included in the composition slow down the aging of tissues, prevent their oxidation and destruction, and also reduce the risks of cell mutation, that is, the development of cancer.
  • Fragrant callusia has an antispasmodic effect, allowing you to eliminate cramps and reduce excessive muscle tension.
  • Pectin stimulates peristalsis of the intestinal walls, as well as cleans the organs of the digestive tract from toxins, removing them naturally.
  • The use of a golden mustache will help reduce the level of harmful cholesterol and protect the liver from the harmful effects of toxins.
  • Fragrant callusia has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties that apply to almost all body systems, including respiratory, sexual, urinary, cardiovascular. And thanks to this effect, the plant can be used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various inflammatory diseases, such as pyelonephritis, bronchitis, phlebitis and others.
  • The plant helps to accelerate the regeneration processes, so it is often used for wounds, burns and dermatological diseases, for example, for psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.
  • The ingredients in the composition have a diuretic effect, remove excess fluid from the body and reduce the risk of swelling.
  • Golden mustache strengthens the walls of blood vessels, protecting them from deformation and stretching. Also, the plant helps to cleanse of cholesterol and reduces the risks of developing atherosclerosis.
  • Kalisia fragrant contributes to the normalization of blood pressure in hypertension. She also has sedative properties that allow to relieve nervous tension and improve the quality of sleep.
  • Flavonoids, supplemented with vitamin C, strengthen the body's defenses and enhance immunity, protecting against attacks of pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Often the golden mustache is included in the composition of cosmetic products, and for good reason. Included in the active substances have a rejuvenating effect, stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen, eliminate inflammation and clean the pores.
  • Phytosterols help to normalize hormones.
  • The composition can detect substances that have a positive impact on the thyroid gland.


How to use the golden mustache? There are many recipes based on this plant, and some are worth considering in detail.

So, consider the most popular recipes:

  1. Prepare a decoction, pour two teaspoons of raw materials with two cups of boiling water. Keep the mixture on the fire for ten minutes, insist the same amount, strain and take a field of food for a teaspoon.
  2. Effective tincture. For its preparation, 100 grams of fresh raw materials insist on vodka (one liter is required) in a cool dark place for two weeks.Strain the agent and take 30 drops before a meal.
  3. To make an infusion, a tablespoon of a plant should be poured with 300 milliliters of boiling water, insisted in a thermos for half an hour. Strain the product and take three times a day for the third part of the glass.
  4. For external use suitable ointment. To get it, a small glass container half filled with golden usa grass, then add petroleum jelly or interior fat, mix everything and mash. For a week, send such a tool in the refrigerator, then begin to apply the ointment, applying to the lesions localized on the skin.
  5. Useful and oil, which can be added to meals or drink a tablespoon on an empty stomach daily. It is prepared this way: two tablespoons of fragrant callusia pour a glass of olive oil. Capacity close, removing for a week in a dark place. Strain the oil and apply.

Tip: You can use chemistries based on golden whiskers, for example, a ready-made balm or alcohol tincture.

Precautionary measures

When using a gold mustache it is worth being careful. The plant has the following contraindications:

  • periods of breastfeeding and pregnancy:
  • acute renal failure;
  • children's age up to twelve years;
  • individual hypersensitivity to the plant;
  • BPH;
  • hypotension.

It is worth remembering that fragrant fragrances belong to the category of poisonous plants, therefore, when used, it must be observed and not exceed the dosage. It is also not recommended to take funds for a long time.

When using golden whiskers, some side effects may occur: headaches, hives, irritation of mucous membranes, nausea and vomiting.

Health to you! And help him find a golden mustache.

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