Uraza-Bayram - congratulations for relatives, friends and friends in Russian and Tatar. How to congratulate acquaintances from Uraza-Bairam with SMS message


At Uraza-Bayram, all orthodox Muslims accept warm congratulations and wishes from relatives, close friends, acquaintances, neighbors and colleagues. Kind, sincere and inspired words of the adherents of Islam speak Russian and Tatar languages ​​and some other less common Turkic dialects. Representatives of the Muslim community are congratulated on the successful completion of the holy month of Ramadan, dedicated to the most severe post, and wish you all the best, family happiness and success in any endeavors.

Uraza-Bayram - congratulations in Tatar and Russian language in prose

If there are people in your circle who practice Islam and celebrate all Muslim holidays, do not forget to congratulate them on the great event of Uraz-Bayram. You can do this in Russian and your friends will be very pleased to see how sincerely you respect the rites, rituals, traditions and celebrations of other religious denominations. But if you read a few greeting lines in Tatar, you will make an indelible impression on your friends. Such a pleasant and touching sign of attention they will remember, literally, for life and the relationship between you will become more open, warm and trusting.



So the day came when the whole Muslim people celebrated the completion of Holy Ramadan. For this day, all people professing Islam, and prepare the soul and body. Let this state of absolute purity accompany you all your life. Live with peace in your heart, with love in your eyes, with positive thoughts in your head, with sincere words on your lips and good deeds in your hands.


Uraza gayet Byrme beln Ikhlastan tbrik itм Sine kebek imanly, iash, sabyr, nykly rukhly din karshem bulganga min chyn kelemnn senm. m kilchk t d shul dreslek yulinda, Alla kushkan namaz yulinda bulyrsy me ze bashkalarny and idrse dign izge telkt kalam.Alla sine kilgan doganariny kabul kylyp, fresh sia ugan yullar, mul tabynnar mya kaya gyna barma gel namusli imanli keshelr gene ochratsyn. Тне, аны рачак slit булып р ел шулай уразалар тотып, гаетен, корбанын кп еллар бйрм итрг посейп булсын. Amine.


Eid Mubarak! Id mubarak! Oh, your blessing has risen on this day! Congratulations to the entire planet and wish happiness of love, prosperity, and live to the next Uraza-Bayram. May Allah keep your soul and heart. Do not be deceitful, be obedient and observe all the traditions of our people and you will have happiness in life.

Beautiful poems for the holiday Uraza-Bayram


Inspirational and optimistic poems for the holiday of Uraza-Bayram should be read when visiting elderly relatives and friends after the festive service in the mosque. Older people will be pleased to see that young people are interested in the religious history of their people and honor the ancient traditions. If you are confused by the idea of ​​public speaking and reciting aloud rhymed lines you are not ready, write them on a beautiful thematic card and hand them to close people together with a small bouquet of flowers and a sweet souvenir.After all, according to the Muslim tradition, there should be plenty of various delicacies, desserts and baked goods on the festive table. This ensures that the next year will pass under the sign of abundance and well-being, and the family will not feel the need for either money or their daily bread.


Today is the holiday of Eid al-Fitr!

All Islam rejoices, all Islam rejoices.

And on the day of the sacred break

To Allah we send thanks.

For what we have experienced

And in this world to carry sent

Laws, the truth and the Koran.

Was held abstinence lesson,

For this, brothers, you have a rhyme!


The first day of the month after fasting
In the Shawwal we'll break fast, the reason is clear,
Uraza Bayram lifts the ban,
Ramadan has passed, and it is no longer there.
Prophet Mohammed gave us the Koran,
From gin and sin he defended himself
Happy and festive day for Muslims
After all, we can all get out fast now.
Relatives and relatives do not get bored,
And they open your door to your house,
Carry for a huge family
For the happiness and joy of Allah, I pray.


Congratulations to all the people

Happy Uraz Bayram,

That ended

The month of Ramadan,

So let us eat and drink,

And enjoy life,

With the fasting is over so far,

And joy came to the house,

We will pay tribute to the needy,

And on this wonderful day,

Joyful such

We will congratulate all our relatives,

And give gifts to them,

We wish everyone good,

Joy and light

Happy Uraz Bayram,

We congratulate you boldly.

Short SMS greetings on Uraza-Bayram for friends


Relatives, friends and acquaintances of Muslims living in other cities and countries can be congratulated with Uraza Bayram with short SMS greetings. It will be very pleasant and joyful for all of them to receive news from you on this bright day and read a few touching, kind words that show your sincere and warm attitude to representatives of other religions. Such manifestations of attention, as a rule, do not take a lot of time and do not require significant efforts, but strengthen relationships and are conducive to further emotional communication.


Uraza Bayram is a Muslim day,
But we celebrate in peace with the whole of him.
For us, he is dear and so real,
We will lay the tables only for him.


Religions in the world are many different,
But we respect each other’s views,
And Uraza Bayram is your main holiday,
And we congratulate you with him heartily.

We wish you prosperity today,
Love, patience and strong faith,
And finally, we will add,
So that you do not let a sense of proportion!


On the day of Uraz Bayram sms-ki
Fly to you from all over a large edge.
We carry only good messages
Joy because there is no greater.

Congratulations with Uraza-Bayram in pictures

At Uraza-Bayram, congratulations can be spoken in Russian, in Tatar, in Turkish, and even in English. There are no strict restrictions here and everything depends solely on your imagination and ability to think creatively. Please each other, relatives, friends and acquaintances with beautiful, sincere and kind words, read holiday verses aloud and send short sms of optimistic content. All this will be well received, be sure to enjoy and give a solemn atmosphere of sincerity and cordiality. On their pages in social networks, it is appropriate on this day to place colorful and vivid pictures of congratulations on the occasion of Uraz-Bayram in different languages ​​and dialects. Such a step will be unifying and will allow everyone to join the holiday, regardless of religion, wealth and social status.

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