Unusual crocheted playgrounds

Let us introduce you today to unusual playgrounds for children. They are not made of wood, plastic or metal. They are crocheted! Real knitted pads are cobwebs, where everyone receives their dose of positive emotions without exception.

The author of the idea and performer is Japanese master Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam, one of the leading Japanese artists working in the field of fiber art.

Fiber art is a section of visual art whose works are made of fibers and / or their derivatives (threads, fabrics).

And in all "blame" hammock. In 1992, at one of the exhibitions, two children asked permission from Horiuchi to climb up on her hammocks. Their joy, delight and excitement from the game prompted Toshiko to look at his art objects from a different point of view. The idea of ​​crocheting durable, bright, multicolored playgrounds — the cobwebs in parks and playgrounds — was born, so that children could realize their motor needs “crawl — hang — swing — hide — jump”. Learned to give in, win, win and play with dignity.

Tons of yarn and reliable steel fasteners are used to create these sites, so that everything is not only unusual and beautiful, but also absolutely safe! However, this yarn is more like thick cords made of textiles, for which you need a special hook and a special knitting technique. And exclusively by hand.

Toshiko is considered one of the “pioneers” in creating game landscapes, and her projects vividly demonstrate how the public art object can turn into a creative environment for children, erasing the boundaries between art, play and education.

Here is what the author says about his work: "... the child spends the first 9 months of his life in the warmth of the mother's womb. In many cultures, after birth, he still sways in a soft cradle for some time. Knitted spaces created by me, like a cradle, resemble mother rocking: an elastic membrane is sensitive even to the light movement of a child and is able to spring back, returning the spent child energy back. Wave-like motions of the grid allow to combine the game of each individual child into a common game line and encourage the children to communicate ... ".

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