Unusual cocktail recipes on March 8

The festive table for March 8 consists not only of appetizers, salads and desserts. In addition to the original delicious dishes, guests are looking forward to bright cocktails with or without alcohol. Today we will tell and show how to surprise your friends and how to make women's day unforgettable.

Women's alcohol cocktails on March 8: recipes with photos

Cocktail by March 8 can be both cold and warm, with or without fruit - according to your wishes and preferences of guests.

Amaretto liqueur cocktail “Hot Gold”

This aromatic alcoholic cocktail is prepared very simply.

For 1 portion we need:

  • Liqueur Amaretto - 35-50 ml
  • fresh orange - 150 ml
  • brandy - 15 ml
  • honey - 25 ml
  • lemon - 1 pc.
  • orange - 1 pc.

How to cook

  1. Pour orange juice into a deep container, add amaretto, mix, squeeze a quarter of a lemon, mix again.
  2. Heat the mixture over medium heat, do not bring to a boil. Add honey and brandy, take another minute.
  3. Pour the liquid into the glass, garnish with an orange slice - a bright alcoholic cocktail for March 8 “Hot gold” is ready. Serve warm, with the rich aroma of amaretto.

Negroni Cocktail (Negroni): with love from Florence

Bright drink Negroni hails from Florence. This is a great combination of intoxicating gin, bitter Campari and spicy red vermouth.

For 1 portion we need:

  • gin - 30 ml
  • Campari liqueur - 30 ml
  • red vermouth - 30 ml
  • orange-slice for one glass
  • ice cubes

How to cook

  1. Fill a wide glass with ice, pour in gin, vermouth and Campari, mix with a bar spoon.
  2. Decorate the cocktail with an orange slice - Negroni is ready!

As you can see, this bright cocktail with the original name is prepared rather quickly, and on the festive table for March 8 it will look very impressive.

Non-alcoholic cocktails on March 8

If you or any of your guests do not drink alcohol, we offer simple recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails by March 8.

Raspberry Milkshake

This cool sweet non-alcoholic cocktail will appeal to all guests. And you can serve it to the festive table on March 8, not only for adults but also for children.

For 1 portion we need:

  • fat milk - 80 ml
  • raspberry - 10 berries
  • vanilla ice cream - 200 g

How to cook

  1. Beat the raspberries and ice cream in a blender, add the milk, whisk well again.
  2. Pour into a tall glass (highball), decorate with raspberry berry.

Please note: in this recipe there is no ice.

California banana smoothie - non-alcoholic cocktail on March 8

This rich cocktail will be a great addition to the March 8 holiday.

For 1 portion we need:

  • banana - 1 pc.
  • pitted dates - 5 pcs.
  • almond milk
  • nutmeg - optional
  • cinnamon - to taste
  • vanilla
  • honey or ice cream - to taste

How to cook

  1. Cut the banana and dates, mix all the ingredients, whisk in a blender until smooth.
  2. Serve as a dessert with dates, nuts. Children can serve this non-alcoholic cocktail with oatmeal.

To the note: to make the cocktail thick, hold bananas in the freezer before cooking.

We hope our simple recipes will help you to quickly prepare bright and tasty alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails for the holiday of March 8.

Bon Appetit!

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