Types of modern Moscow apartments

Today, apartments in Moscow and the Moscow region mean a lot of different options regarding the size and layout of rooms. Modern new buildings are increasingly given to the flight of fantasy, as a result of which the list of types of modern apartments is updated every year.

Thus, if after long deliberation you decide to purchase a spacious apartment in some new Moscow residential complex and, with the words “I will choose and buy an apartment in Moscow or Moscow region tomorrow!”, You will go in search of a suitable option for you will have to poke pretty much deciding what is best from the suggested take.

So, let's not frighten you with a difficult problem of choice, because a sufficient amount of information about each kind of modern apartments will become a true key in the correct choice of your future real estate.

Consider several types of modern apartments.

Multi-level apartments.Many developers allocate a lot of living space in future complexes to create two or even three-level apartments. As a rule, two-level complexes are also called mansard ones, since such apartments are mainly located on the top floors, and the second level is a spacious mansard. Also widespread among modern multi-level apartments are penthouses, which, as a rule, have a large area and are often sold together with a terrace.

Studio apartments. Such apartments, as a rule, occupy the largest number of square meters in modern residential complexes, as they have the lowest prices available to the majority of buyers. In these apartments, without special partitions, there are all functionally important areas for households. Thus, right in the living room can be a kitchen and a bedroom.

Apartments with an unusual layout. Unusual layout can be attributed to apartments that have a huge kitchen or an overly large hallway in the hallway. Such apartments are dealt with first of all, as they were created for the comfort of the household.

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