Types of canning

Types of canningWhat are the types of canning in modern production? In canning production, completely different technologies are used, which is primarily due to the unequal properties of the processed raw materials. And even inside, it would seem, the same type of production of fruit juices has sharp distinctive features. It is no great exaggeration to say that the technology of apricot juice with pulp has nothing to do with the technology of clarified juices from apples and grapes. There is also a big differentiation in the technology of these two named juices. Suffice it to say that finished products in the production of apple juice can be obtained several hours after receipt of the fruit for processing, and grape juice suitable for shipment from the plant is obtained only a few weeks after the end of the grape processing season. The same can be said about canned vegetables. A clear picture of the diversity of canned vegetable technology is provided by comparing the production of natural canned vegetables and concentrated semi-finished products such as tomato paste.In the manufacture of canned Green Peas, a complex of purely mechanical processing predominates: threshing, peeling pods, separating the grains from the valves, separating the grains, sorting them by size, and so on. Heat exchange processes dominate in the production of tomato paste vacuum evaporation station, where, under especially benign conditions - the absence of air and a very moderate temperature (from 50 to 55 ° C), the rubbed tomato mass is condensed by 6-6.5 times.

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