Tula gingerbread, loved by both big and small

Gingerbread from Tula is a delicious dessert available to all

In 2015, it turned 330 years old the first mention of the gingerbread trade in Tula. It is believed that this unique culinary product is much older, although no evidence has been found. Tula gingerbread is famous for more than others, due to the careful preservation of the recipe and consistently high taste.

Cooking the same dish is equally tasty and beautiful for centuries - this is an extraordinary work.The Masters of Bakery Polyakova in Tulaare distinguished by their true talent and precise adherence to the tradition of making real Tula gingerbread. The range of the bakery has interesting, original products, but they also fully comply with the standards of the craft bordering on art.

Raspberry Tulle Gingerbread

Useful Gingerbread

In the old days, healers baked herbal portions in the gingerbread dough.A kind of tablet was prescribed at one time, the course of treatment consisted of several servings of baking.

Gingerbread is useful for people with underweight, it should be preferred to other confectionery products. It is natural in composition and contains natural appetite stimulants - mint, ginger, cinnamon, cloves. You should choose genuine baking, from Tula gingerbread.

Delicious souvenir

For hundreds of years, gingerbread was not only a treat, but also a gift. The larger the size, the more interesting the shape, the more expensive the gift, the deeper the respect. Making personalized gingerbreads according to an individual sketch, with exclusive symbols ofcan be ordered at Polyakova Bakery.

Foreigners still consider it possible to hang the original Tula gingerbread on the wall, like a picture. Such interior decoration will retain an attractive look for many years. Just taste it is hardly worth it.

Drawings & Labels

  1. Small Tula gingerbread with the image of letters served as an incentive to learn the alphabet of merchant children. Letters and children's names are still often printed on small items and delight kids.
  2. The printed initial letters of the name of the Guardian Angel of an Orthodox person gave healing properties to the sweet gift. He was presented to the godmothers by his godchildren.
  3. A popular modern design is the inscription “Tula souvenir” with a samovar or ornament. Holiday options have symbolism appropriate to the occasion.

Appearance and Filling

New Year’s Tula gingerbread

  • Traditional Tula gingerbread is covered with glaze, has a smooth, brown, marble-glossy surface with frost. This feature, in combination with the figured, jagged edge, is considered a sign of a natural product.
  • The classic filling of the Tula gingerbread is apple. The famous "Maceduan" was baked with a filling of a mixture of boiled fruit, seasoned with liqueur. Over time, fruit and berry jams, preserves and even condensed milk were used.

Gingerbread delicacy does not lose popularity. Only a true master can reproduce the inimitable taste and aroma of a favorite treat. The main secret lies in the wealth of the Russian soul.

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