Trendy hair color 2016: how to find your shade

Fashionable hair color, Autumn-Winter 2014-2015In each season, fashion dictates its own rules on the styles of clothes, shoes, types of hairstyles. But how do you maintain your own personality and be in a trend? What hair color is fashionable in 2016? Fashion shows of the previous years focused on extreme images: bright strands, boiling blond, bold combinations. Fashionable hair color 2016 is a nude direction that turns us to naturalness: face makeup, which is completely invisible, natural shades of curls, carelessly folded strands. The direction of extreme today is gradually receding into the background, restraint and elegance are in fashion, these two definitions should be the main features of the fashionable image of 2016. In search of "new self", you must first look at what mother nature has endowed and choose a noble color hair that would be close to the "native".

What hair color is in fashion in 2016: focus on naturalness

Natural color does not mean simplicity and mediocrity.Modern world leaders in coloring offer a rich palette of deep and noble shades that will allow your hairstyle to play in a new way. First of all, it is necessary to give preference to paints of manufacturers that are world-famous and have a good reputation. Today, coloring is possible without hurting the hair.

In safe formulations, ammonia, which literally burns out the natural pigment, is replaced by silk, a unique technology brings the desired pigment to the strands, without damaging them at all. The result is a fashionable color, deep and rich, but at the same time they remain healthy. At the same time, after dyeing, the tone does not become monotonous, but it turns out to be complicated, each hair begins to play in the sun in its own way. Such paint will not be able to radically change the color, but this season it is not required, it will simply make the natural tone more saturated.

You can see an example of fashionable hair color 2016 in the photo; dyeing was done with safe paint from CHI.
Fashionable Hair Color 2015: How to Find Your Shade

What is the color of hair in fashion 2016: choose warm shades

Fashionable hair colors 2016 are primarily warm shades, and this trend continues throughout the world.And only in Russia, women still go to extremes: if they choose a blond, it is so cold, or even with a silver sheen, and if a brunette is the color of a wing of a raven. Of course, in the west you can see women with platinum curls, but this tone is suitable only for a retro image or extreme variations on the catwalk. But in real life it looks like something exotic.

Today, fashionable hair color 2016 can be created using a tinted shampoo or balm. It is necessary to choose the products of high-quality manufacturers, who have at their disposal the right shades, so as not to get the effect of gray or cold blond.
Fashionable Hair Color 2015: How to Find Your Shade
Preference to give:

  • blond;
  • honey;
  • deep chestnut shades.

Fashionable Hair Color 2015: How to Find Your Shade

Fashionable hair color in 2016: ombre

Ombre from strands of different shades has long been considered a classic, which is in fashion at all times. However, today it is modified in the direction of a delicate and soft transition, so that the color is at the same time saturated and as natural as possible, without clearly distinguishing strands.

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