Trends of autumn 2017, or What will be fashionable in six months?

Seasonal fashion shows within fashion weeks, which take place twice a year, are a kind of way to feel like a haute couture and try to make a forecast for the future on your own and decide what will be relevant in a few months. After the weeks of fashion in New York, London, Milan and Paris, we embarked on this mission and analyzed what trends have all the chances to “go to the people” soon, and therefore, it may also be in our wardrobes. We started with jewelry, now let's talk about the most fashionable things.


These funny hats, like diving suits, for many one of the most vivid memories of childhood. Gucci and Delpozo recreated something similar in their collections, namely knitted or knitted hats (for Delpozo this is part of a sweater), which completely cover the head and neck. We predict that if democratic brands pick up this trend, it will be incredibly popular with us.

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