Treatment of sinusitis at home

Treatment of sinusitis in the home photoTreatment of sinusitis at home

Treatment of sinusitis at home



Genyantritis develops after a common cold, causes palpable dyspnoea, terrible headaches, inflammation in the nasal sinuses. It is especially dangerous when sinusitis develops into purulent sinusitis and is accompanied by fever. In this case, you need a few days not to leave the house and apply the following treatment for sinusitis at home with folk remedies.


Twice a day, attach the bags with hot sand and hard-boiled eggs from the sides of the nose. Several times a day, pull into the nose and release through the mouth a little warm salted water, a weak infusion of chamomile, plantain. At the same time as often as possible and drink hot drinks - tea with linden, raspberry, black currant. On the second day, boil the potatoes in their skins. Drain the water, tilting your head over the cauldron, cover yourself with a thick cloth and breathe hot steam for as long as possible.

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