Top 10 strongest guys on the planet

Strength and power - this is what has always surprised, inspired and caused a flow of inspiration from humanity. Strong people or, as they are called, strongmen, no doubt, deserve your attention, because this is not only a standard of strength, but also an example of endurance, perseverance and incredible faith.

In particular, if this fact concerns the male half of our society: the ideal of all girls lies in a strong and reliable man who could protect his soul mate from all adversity and life difficulties.

Today we will talk not only about the strong, but about the most powerful men of the planet, whose names will forever remain in the memory of their fans and millions of other people. These people were amazed with their actions, tricks and records, they managed to become the best of the best, and therefore undoubtedly deserve respect.

  1. Joe rollino

We open our top 10 with the oldest and most surprising strongman on the planet, which was called Little Dundee. This man managed to live 104 years, and on his last birthday he managed to please the guests with an impressive trick with flexing a coin.

Joe did not drink alcohol and was a vegetarian, who knows, maybe to some extent because of this, he managed to shake the whole world with his inconceivable force. World fame came to Joe Rollin after he managed to tear off about half a ton from the earth, for which he received in 1920 the title of the most powerful man in the world.

  1. Eugene Sandov

It is this man who is called the forefather of bodybuilding, despite the fact that in those days when he was doing this, there were no such contests and trends in sports. Eugene was born in 1867, was half German, but for a sports career took the name of his mother.

Did you know that the gilded statuette depicting a bodybuilder, which is handed to the first bodybuilders of the world, is a statuette that depicts Yevgeny Sandov? At the beginning of the last century, he was awarded the title of "professor" of physical education and, as we have said, became the founder of the sport, which is now considered one of the most masculine.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Perhaps this person does not need advertising or any special presentation, because, in fact, this is an era man! Active strength training of a young man began at the age of 15, and very soon he began to earn such prestigious titles and awards as “Mr. Universe” or “Mr. Olympia”.

Despite the fact that Schwarzenegger’s power career ended a long time ago, today it still remains the most prominent and recognizable bodybuilder of modern times.

  1. Sergio Oliva

Cuban hero, who at the age of 20 was able to acquire the title of the most promising bodybuilder of his time.

Immediately after that, Sergio immigrated to the United States, where his active career began as a strong athlete: he edited his training system and managed to take on such a form that shocked even Schwarzenegger himself, who was still very young at that time. Is a three-time champion of the competition "Mr. Olympia."

  1. Steve Reeves

The famous “Hercules”, as well as an excellent actor of many more roles, Steve Reeves, is not only a successful movie star, but also the youngest bodybuilder in bodybuilding history. Despite the fact that the young man did not predict a brilliant future in the field of physical culture, Steve managed to win the title of "World Champion" in the 48th year of the last century, and after 2 years and "Mr. Universe".

  1. Vasily Alekseev

On the territory of the former Soviet Union, there were enough of their strongmen, and among them was Vasily Alekseev, who counted 81 records within the framework of the USSR and only 1 less record all over the world.By the way, some of his achievements and stunts still no one has managed to repeat. At that time, though not officially, Vasily bore the title of the strongest man on the planet.

  1. Dorian Yats

Surprisingly, this man did not always dream about the future of the bodybuilder, once he was a skinhead and even spent six months in a correctional institution.

However, a few years later, the young man became the best Champion of Britain, later receives the title "Mr. Olympia", where he played with a serious injury and, as a result, completes the career of a bodybuilder.

  1. Vasily Virastyuk

In 2004 he confirmed the title of the world's strongest man on the world level, and literally three years later he won it again. In front of discouraged spectators, Vasily managed to move a load from one place to another, the total weight of which was about a hundred tons!

  1. Franco Colombo

Surprisingly, the Italian Franco got into the world of big sport, and, specifically, bodybuilding, thanks to his casual acquaintance with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Although he was not as powerful as the Hollywood star, Franco managed to win some of his victories: he became "Mr. Olympia" after a severe knee injury, after which he managed to recover thanks to a program that he himself developed.

  1. Bruce Khlebnikov

Without a doubt, Bruce is the youngest in our top, because he is only 25 years old today. However, during such a short period of his life, he managed to achieve breathtaking results, and most of his records are listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

For example, one of them: to drag a boat weighing 14 tons in hair for a distance of 15 meters, and then still move the 17-ton bus! But Bruce is still so young, and we hope that he has everything ahead.

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