Top 10 richest TV hosts

Today there are several TV shows on almost any television channel. And foreign channels are not far behind. This means that such a profession as a TV presenter today is popular and highly paid. And which presenters are the richest? Let's find out!

The richest TV presenters

We invite you to find out the top 10 richest TV presenters in the world:

1. Oprah WinfreyToday is the world star and, perhaps, the richest television presenter. The childhood of this woman was not the best. She herself said that she had been harassed more than once by her close relatives and was even raped when she was 9 years old.

Great Oprah

But all this did not break the young Oprah, and she decided to by all means get out of the backwater, in which she lived at that time. The girl began to engage in their own education and studied well at school, and then at the university. From a young age, Oprah was a reporter in the local media, but already then many considered her talented.

Oprah Winfrey

In 1986, the show “The Oprah Winfrey Show” appeared, the author and presenter of which was Winfrey herself. And it was this show that brought woman fame and fortune.Today, Oprah is the richest TV presenter and the first black female billionaire.

2. Phil McGrawbecame famous and rich thanks in large part to Oprah Winfrey, it was she who opened him as a TV host. Initially, Phil practiced psychology and was a fairly successful practicing psychologist, and then, together with his partner, opened a consultancy company called CSI, which Oprah once asked.


And the collaboration with Phil was so much liked by the famous TV presenter that she decided to put it on as a guest on one of her shows. And the television debut was so successful that McGraw became almost a regular guest at the Oprah Winfrey Show.

His caustic and cynical utterances stood out in particular, but he was also loved for them precisely for them. Then in 2002, Phil created his own program "Doctor Phil", which discusses the vital problems of life. And today, McGraw is one of the richest broadcasters.

3. Simon Cowell- TV presenter of several television shows related to the search for young talents. Among them are "The X Factor" and "America's Got Talent", "Grease Is the Word", "Pop Idol" and "American Idol". Simon is considered by many to be a strict but fair judge.The public respects Cowell for his comments, but some believe that sometimes he is biased.

Simon Cowell

In addition, sometimes Simon during the speeches of applicants defiantly yawns. And Cowell began as a simple assistant agent responsible for the selection of talented people. But the persistent and purposeful guy showed what he is capable of. Simon noticed, and today he is one of the most popular, influential and wealthy leading the world.

4. Ryan Seacrest. American television shows, whose main goal is to find talent, have become incredibly popular all over the world. And another TV host of such a show (namely, "American Idol") is Ryan Seacrest. But Ryan is not just the presenter, he is an Emmy Award winner.


Also, Seacrest leads several programs on the radio. And in the famous TV series "Beverly Hills" he played the lead. According to Ryan's parents, since his childhood, he has to the scene. And at school the guy was the director of the local radio. In general, the talents helped Seekrest prove themselves and become successful and wealthy presenters.

5. Donald Trumpis one of the richest businessmen, as well as a fairly well-paid TV presenter.Initially, Donald was engaged in business, but then began to write books and try to break through to radio and television. In 2003, Trump became a producer and presenter of the Candidate reality show.

Donald trump

This show was a kind of struggle of young and ambitious people for a place in the sun. All participants competed with each other and passed tests. As a result, the most intelligent and capable was to get a position in a large company, and all the rest were fired. The show became famous and glorified Donald Trump as the host. But, of course, the basic income is provided by business.

6. Maxim Galkinoddly enough, it is also included in the list of high-paid presenters. Maxim started as a parodist, but then he was noticed and offered to become the leading famous TV show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?".

Maksim Galkin

Galkin also conducted such programs as “Star Ice”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Who Wants to Become Maxim Galkin?”, “10 Millions” and “Good Evening with Maxim”. In addition, Maxim Galkin acted as a talented humorist and gave not one solo concert. And Galkin sings well (it's worth remembering his duet with Alla Pugacheva). But many of Maxim know exactly as a TV host, by the way, successful.

7Tina Kandelaki- Georgian by nationality, but it is popular not only in Georgia. In general, Tinatin (Tina's full name) initially studied at the university in the faculty of plastic cosmetology, but then she transferred to the journalism faculty and did it for good reason.

Tina Kandelaki

At first, Tina Kandelaki was a radio host in her native Georgia, but then she moved to Moscow and began working with Stanislav Sadalsky. Kandelaki led such TV shows as "Details", "The Smartest", "Unrealistic Policy", "Two Stars". In addition, Tina in 2009 was the leading Armenian version of the game "Fort Boyard" about the adventures of participants mining trophies and going to the goal.

8. Ivan Urgant- not only talented, but also very versatile person. He is not only a TV presenter, but also a musician, singer, composer, as well as an actor. Ivan was born in the family of actors, so that the zeal for performances on the stage was passed on to him by inheritance. Despite the fact that Urgant received an acting education, at first he was forced to work as a bartender and waiter.

Ivan Urgant

Then Ivan was a TV presenter in nightclubs, and then received the post of radio host. Then Urgant worked on Petersburg television, and then moved to Moscow and was noticed by the producers of the music television channel "MTV".Today, Ivan Urgant is the host of the programs “Evening Urgant” and “Smak”, and also sings under the pseudonym Grisha Urgant.

9. Betteny Franklinvery famous and very rich. But it was not always so. Betteny was born in the family of a horse riding coach. As Franklin herself told, her childhood was not easy, as her mother often drank and quarreled with her stepfather (she divorced her husband when Bettany was 4 years old). The girl decided to succeed and became an excellent cook.

Betteny franklin

For a long time she worked as an assistant producer of a famous TV project, and then she starred in several films and took part in several shows. But Betteny began to find out after her participation in the show “Real Housewives of New York”. And later, Franklin became the host, participant and producer of her own show, “Betteny Getting Married?”, Which demonstrated her relationship with her husband and events related to the birth of a child.

10. Another rich and famous TV presenter isDavid Letterman. He runs his own show, Evening Show with David Letterman, and is a comedian popular in America and around the world.


And in 1996 David took the 45th place in the rating of the 50 best TV stars for all time.In addition, this influential person is also the owner of his own production company.

These were the most famous and highly paid TV presenters.

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