Top 10 best films about the invasion of aliens

Almost nobody saw the aliens, but films about their invasion of the Earth are removed with enviable constancy. And some of them deserve your attention.

Top 10 most interesting films about aliens:

  1. "Faculty". Of course, this legendary film is on the list, because almost everyone has probably seen it. All events take place at Harrington College. If once it was prestigious, now it has become a real gathering of representatives of all walks of life: idiots and clever men, leaders and outsiders, upstarts and singles, drug addicts and children of influential parents. Once the "botan" Casey on the football field finds an unknown parasite, and this event turns the life of the college upside down. Teachers began to behave more than strange: they constantly drink water and almost do not pay attention to the students. And the director just disappeared from view. Later it turns out that all these oddities are the result of an alien invasion.And now the enemies will have to become comrades to counter this attack. And at the center of the events were Casey, the new Marybeth, Zeke's drug dealer, Stokes science fiction fan, football player Stan, and his girlfriend Delilah.
  2. "War of the Worlds". No one could have imagined that alien beings would invade the planet. Moreover, for some time they have long been closely watching humanity. And the aliens turned out to be much more developed than humans. But the worst thing is that the uninvited guests are hostile and plan to take over the planet. In the center of events is a simple crane operator Ray Ferrier, working in the dock of New Jersey. In his life, things are not going the best way: his wife left, taking two children, and got married. One day, the wife left for Boston, and Ray finally stayed with the children, which he was extremely happy about. But suddenly something strange began to happen in the city. The sky was overcast with clouds, but a special attention was attracted by a pink strange cloud, which, moreover, radiated energy, as evidenced by numerous lightning. Soon began to turn off electrical appliances. And funnels appeared on the ground.And from these faults huge three-legged mechanisms began to appear. The standoff will be serious.
  3. "Mars attacks". Although this film is quite old, but it is worth watching. The planet has undergone a terrible attack. Strange and nasty green creatures - Martians landed on it. From their ships they landed in the desert, but then continued their march through the cities of the United States. And the largest ones were among the first. The guests arrived, supposedly with peaceful intentions, but soon they took out their weapons and began to kill earthlings. New York, Washington and Las Vegas turn out to be half-destroyed, but the White House and the president face particular danger. He gives the order to the armed forces, but the opinions of the commanders-in-chief are divided. General Case believes that the best way out of the situation will be the conclusion of peace with the Martians. And General Dekker is confident that the aliens must be crushed and sent home. But life will put everything in its place and show who is to blame and who is right.
  4. "Signs". Listing the best films about aliens, it is worth mentioning this one. The life of the protagonist of the farmer Graham Hess is pretty boring, nothing unusual and strange happened in her.But that all changed when he discovered huge signs in his corn field consisting of crumpled stems. But what do they mean? Residents of a small town in Pennsylvania are excited and ready to do anything to find out who left the messages and why. But Graham himself is most interested in this, because before that he had not met with anything similar and, in general, did not believe in the existence of the supernatural and the otherworldly. He decides to start his own investigation. And Hess could not even suggest how far his desire to unravel the signs would lead. Truth will make him change his outlook on life.
  5. "Men in Black". This film is dynamic and imbued with the humor and charisma of the main characters. Aliens are no longer something unreal and wild, people have long known about their existence. But no one could guess that they live on the earth. But more surprising is that they are practically among us. In addition, they work for humanity and try to protect it from the invasion of other angry alien races. And they are the last hope that the Earth will remain as it always was.The work of these creatures is completely secret, and outwardly they look like the most ordinary people, only dressed in black. They should go unnoticed, so everyone who sees them is erased by the memory. They have no equal, and they have everything to protect earthlings. But enemies can be extremely dangerous.
  6. "District 9". About 20 years ago, contact was made with an alien race, which fantasy lovers have dreamed of for so long and which scientists from around the world have been talking about. But he was not what everyone expected him to be. The flying saucer, on which guests arrived from another planet, failed and hung above the Earth. And the aliens themselves were not enemies, not friends, and not even researchers, but refugees who were forced to retreat from their homeland. And while the authorities decided what to do next, for aliens built area number 9 - a temporary earthly refuge. And when an ordinary reporter working in this place was injured, he became the object of close observation.
  7. "Independence Day". Enumerating fantastic films, you can not forget about it, this is a real classic of the genre. First, a signal was received on Earth, and it was clearly sent from another planet.And two days before Independence Day, aliens come to the planet. And they arrived on a huge ship, whose mass is a quarter moon, and the diameter is 550 km! And this hulk almost hovered above the surface of the Earth, which attracted the attention of ordinary onlookers and scientists. But soon everything fell into place. The smaller ships landed, and it became clear that there are a lot of alien guests, and they are not friendly with their mood. They attack the largest cities and kill people. Mankind intends to fight, but the shuttles are protected by a powerful force field, and the uninvited guests themselves on the fighters continue to methodically destroy the earthmen. Their goal is to capture the planet and actively use its resources. Will people be able to defend their home?
  8. “The Day the Earth Has Stopped”. In one "fine" day on Earth aliens are landed. As is usually the case, their intent is to destroy humanity. And all because people simply destroy their planet, which is the only habitable for other, more complex and sophisticated organisms. But still the aliens decided to give Earthmen a last chance.They sent a representative of their civilization to Claath and Biorobot Gort. The latter can easily manage any technology, and the messenger must convey to people that living a former life and treating the Earth as a consumer is a real crime. Klaatu is going to talk about his mission at the UN meeting, but the US government is hostile. The envoy want to bring to clear water with the help of truth serum. But, fortunately, Klata acquainted with Dr. Helen Benson.
  9. "The Avengers". Earth is in danger. The Asgard god Loki, brother of Torah, arrives on the planet. The planet is facing complete enslavement, and only the best can save humanity. The head of the Shch.I.T. secret international organization, Nik Fury, decides to assemble a team of the strongest fighters for justice in order to repel the attack and defend the Earth. It was headed by Captain America. But the rest of the characters are no less powerful, for this is the Incredible Hulk, the Black Widow, the Hawkeye, Thor and the Iron Man. The invader is dangerous, but the defenders are also very strong.
  10. "Aliens among us". In fact, the world is not what many imagined it to be, but the cosmos is full of dangers.A simple worker, Neid, accidentally becomes the owner of strange glasses. Having put them on, he sees reality, and she is frightened. The media is full of hidden messages, the meaning of which is to zombie humanity and make it become a “gray mass”. And major politicians and influential members of society are in fact newcomers. And now Neida’s mission is to find people who, like him, know how things really are. It turns out that there is a resistance movement. And only it can save the planet.

And what films about the newcomers you remember?

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