Top 10 most strange animals on the planet

Seahorse ragIf you think you've already seen everything - we hurry to dissuade you! Nature sometimes presents surprising surprises, creating strange, unusual and sometimes absurd creatures.

Today we will not look at cute cats and dogs, but plunge into a new, unknown world. We present to you the TOP-10 of the strangest animals of the planet! Such you have not seen before. And you can never see: most of the animals on this list are on the verge of extinction and are listed in the Red Book.

Look and be surprised!

  1. Fish Drop

Amazing creature that inhabits the very depths of the ocean in the region of Australia. Because of its structure, the fish looks as if it is constantly sad, and therefore famous in many Internet memes.

fish drop

  1. Yeti Crab

It was first discovered in 2005 near Easter Island. White bristles on the body of this crab contain filamentous bacteria and are designed to purify the water around it from toxic compounds.

Yeti Crab

  1. Australian echidna

For a long time, it was mistakenly attributed to anteaters.Outwardly, this mammal looks more like a hedgehog or porcupine. In the event of a threat, it can also curl into a thorny ball.

Australian echidna

  1. Seahorse rag

One of the strangest and most beautiful creatures on the planet at the same time! Unfortunately, this species is on the verge of extinction and has already been taken under the protection of the Australian government.

Seahorse rag 2

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