Top 10 most incredible fountains in the world

The fountain in the city is not only a way to refresh the citizens in the hot summer days, but also a way of magnificent decoration, a subject of pride and a creative flight of thought. Naturally, we are talking about really unusual, luxurious and impressive water facilities, which, thanks to their scale and the idea of ​​the author, managed to become famous not only in their own city or country, but also in the scale of the whole world!

So, today we will talk about the top ten most unusual fountains in the world, they amaze not only by their size, but also by complex architectural implementation, which only the best of the best architects could cope with.

The list, naturally, is subjective, because one can argue for hours at the expense of art and still not come to a common opinion. However, no one will argue for sure that each of the participants listed below are truly magnificent and unique creations of humanity.

  1. Moonlight Rainbow Seoul

Closes our top 10 - a fountain from South Korea,which was recognized as the longest in the world, in addition, he managed to combine in himself unusual things - the very structure of the fountain and the bridge, which continues to perform its transport function. Its length is about 1140 meters, 380 water sprays are involved in the work, which are illuminated with 220 colored lights, thanks to which the water structure got its fabulous name.

  1. Swarovski Crystal Head Fountain, Innsbruck

An unusual fountain in the form of a human head, overgrown with greenery, was invented by the Austrian creator Andre Heller. The eyes of the “man” are made of the famous Swarovski glass, and a powerful stream of water flows from the huge mouth. Inside the “head” is located the Swarovski Museum, which for some period of time was closed for restoration.

  1. Fountain of Plenty, Singapore

"Fountain of Plenty" was named the largest in the world, after which it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its area is about 16.8 meters, and it reaches a height of thirty meters! The entire giant structure is made of bronze, with the result that its weight is about 85 tons. By the way, this fountain is part of the underground restaurant, which creates for its visitors a fantastic view of the street.

  1. Fahd Fountain, Saudi Arabia

The next unusual fountain is located in the city of Jeddah, from which, by the way, it received its second name. At the moment it is the highest in the world: just think about it, a jet of water shoots to a height of 312 meters, which is comparable to the height of the Eiffel Tower, for example, though without an antenna. By the way, initially the flow of water was shooting at 120 meters, but after the reconstruction and improvements it was possible to achieve such an impressive result.

  1. Fountain complex Dubai, UAE

A huge and luxurious complex, which, as befits such pompous "gizmos", is located in the most exclusive and prestigious region of the United Arab Emirates. We managed to create such a beautiful sight thanks to complex structures that shoot water jets to a height of 50 floors. The whole complex is equipped with colored searchlights and a huge number of LEDs that give the impression of a fairy tale: the light from it extends over a distance of 20 miles.

  1. Fountains in Xi'an, China

Another fascinating sight is singing fountains, which are located not far from the Pagoda of wild geese. He rightly claims the title of the most enormous singing fountain in all of Asia, which is decorated with the longest lighting.The design provides 22 types of different sprays; every evening thousands of tourists and locals gather here who want to admire an extraordinary show.

  1. Fountains of Petergof, St. Petersburg

The fountain complex, built on the orders of Peter I, rightfully takes the place of one of the most beautiful and extraordinary creations of mankind. The complex was built over a hundred years, during which time it was decorated with 176 fountains and 255 unique sculptures, the luxury and magnificence of which awarded them world-wide fame and notoriety. Today this place is called the “capital of fountains”.

  1. Soaring Fountains, Japan

Air constructions, which seem to float in the air only due to the buoyancy of water, have already celebrated their 50th anniversary, but this does not make them less impressive. Their discovery was timed to the scientific exhibition in Japan, where it was necessary to show something completely new, as a result of which these floating cubes appeared on the pillars of water. True, the scientists did not succeed in winning the force of attraction: the whole secret is that the transparent support is hidden under water, and the impression is created that the structure is literally held in the open.

  1. Mercury Fountain, Barcelona

It is difficult to call him the most majestic or the most beautiful, but the fact that he is the most unusual and, by the way, very poisonous, is for sure. This unique creation was first demonstrated at the Paris exhibition in 1937, and after that moved to Barcelona. For a long time, no precautions were taken, and only in the 50s its toxicity was proved: the design was placed under a glass sarcophagus, so today its inspection does not pose any danger to others.

  1. Trevi Fountain, Rome

One of the most famous and legendary fountains of the world, which firmly secured the title of the most visited sights of the Italian capital. In the center of the impressive composition is the king Neptune in the sea shell, which is harnessed to tritons. Many beliefs are associated with Trevi, in addition, he has become an object and even a full-fledged participant in many films of world cinema.

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