Top 10 most famous top models in the world

Who are the top models and supermodels? Where did such a concept come from and is there any meaning in it? And, most importantly, can each model call itself a top model?

Today we will talk about the girls, who rightly can be called the most beautiful and successful in the world, they subordinated to their elegant legs the most famous and prestigious catwalks of the world, they stably appear on the covers of all the famous and most authoritative glossy publications, of whom we speak? Of course, about supermodels.


This term describes models that have reached the highest level in their professional career, they receive the highest fees in the fashion industry and enter into contracts with the most famous Fashion houses and leading designers.

Their personal life is publicly discussed and covered by all media sources, and the girls themselves regularly appear on the covers of fashion magazines and participate in the most prestigious fashion shows.

We have prepared the top 10 best top models in the world over the past few decades,who literally turned the fashion industry upside down and to this day are among the most recognizable and beautiful women on planet Earth. So, let's begin.

Twiggy (Leslie Horbney)

The legendary icon of the 1960s style, which was first awarded the title of “supermodel”, was shot by the best photographers of that time, this famous Englishwoman became the personification of fashionable London.


A slim, slim girl with a thoughtful look and huge eyes became a real madness of that time, at first she only took pictures, but later began to conquer fashionable catwalks, despite the fact that Twiggy had not quite “model” height, only 165 cm!

She left the modeling business early and unexpectedly, at the age of 20, declaring that she could not remain a faceless hanger for beautiful dresses all her life.

Doriana Lee

Dorian lee

The charming American model, which also gets the title of one of the very first “supermodels”, having worked in this field for about 25 years and, successfully filming for all popular glossy magazines, as a result became the face of the famous company Revlon. After she began working on her own modeling agency in the center of Paris, which was a success.

Gia Mari Karanji

Another American top model, which became the forerunner of such famous and popular top divas as Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. Her career began to gain momentum after working with the photographer Arthur Elgort, who introduced her to all renowned photographers of the time.


Gia was a special girl, her tempestuous temperament and unusual appearance (at that time in the modeling business the blondes were in demand) did their job: her life became full of shots for such authoritative publications as Cosmopolitan and Vogue.

Her colleagues and relatives say that she was so professional in her field that she could easily get used to absolutely any image. It is a pity that, in spite of her high financial well-being and rapid popularity, she could not find happiness in her personal life.

Linda Evangelista

"We will not get out of bed for less than 10 thousand dollars," Linda's famous phrase, after which it became clear: a new generation of supermodels loomed on the horizon.


That she became the first top model, which offered fabulous fees just for the fact that she attended any event or event.This woman is a phenomenon with Italian roots, despite its old age for a model, to the last was the face of many large cosmetic companies.

Claudia Slate

Claudia Slate

It is this woman who, like no other, can boast a fabulous number of photographs and magazines with her face on the cover, and if you believe the opinion of the authoritative Forbes edition, her fee for one working day was 50 thousand American dollars. Today, Claudia is happily married and has 3 wonderful children.

Cynthia Ann Crawford


Another legendary model, a tall beauty with brown hair, was the first model to appear completely nude for Playboy magazine. She was so popular and adored that all fashion magazines printed her, and every woman dreamed, even a little, but to be like her.

Katherine Ann Moss

Another British mannequin who, despite its relatively small height (168 cm), achieved fabulous results in the field of fashion, becoming the top model with a worldwide reputation.

Kate moss

She has always worked with the most popular and famous fashion brands and houses: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and many others.

Interestingly, the universal surprise is caused not only by its small growth, but also by a very non-standard appearance, so to speak, to an amateur; nevertheless, the pop diva herself has become the second top model in the world in terms of its financial status.

Adriana lima

The Brazilian top model, which is among the most beautiful girls in the world, works in many popular projects and is in fourth place in terms of financial well-being among world models.

Adriana lima

In 2007, she turned into one of the angels of the famous brand Victoria’s Secret, where she showed the world a masterpiece bra worth $ 5 million, adorned with a huge number of rubies, black and white diamonds.

Heidi Klum


Another legendary "angel" brand Victoria's Secret with experience, there she worked for about 13 years! Now this top model earns about 80 thousand dollars a day, besides this, today the 36-year-old model is an excellent business woman and tries herself in many other areas of activity, for example, as a producer of TV shows.

Gisele Bundchen

Today is the highest paid top model of the world, the brilliant and inimitable Brazilian has an annual income of $ 45 million!

Gisele Bundchen

Giselle's main income is shooting in advertising, since the levels of sales of the products that she advertises increase significantly. For one exit to the catwalk, a girl can request from 50 thousand to 250 thousand dollars, today she has managed to play for almost all reputable glossy publications and take part in almost all fashion shows of famous fashion houses.

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