Top 10 Good Indian Movies

Indian film - this is a real life story, told with a feeling and certainly with songs and dances. We all watched such films in childhood, but what prevents to see them now? We bring to your attention the rating of the best of them.

Top 10 best Indian films:

1. “Zita and Gita”. Good old film, which surely saw each of us. The story of two twin sisters, started at the time they were born. The girls' mothers became ill on the road, she and her husband went to the first cabin they found, where the gypsy who was the mistress of the house helped her to give birth.

Zita and the Gita

Two beautiful girls were born, but the parents saw only one, and they didn’t anticipate the existence of the other, as the gypsy kidnapped her and hid her immediately after birth. The kidnapped Gita grew up in a Gypsy family and became a street dancer, and Zita grew up in a family of her own parents and received an inheritance, but after the death of her father and mother she was ruled by an aunt-tyrant, which made her life unbearable.But when the sisters met, everything changed.

2. "My name is Khan"- pretty dynamic movie. In the story, the protagonist, Rizwan Khan, suffers from Asperger syndrome and because of this has some difficulties with communication.

The guy is a Muslim, he moves from India to San Francisco with his brother and his wife. Rizvan falls in love with Mandira, marries her and opens a business with her. They all live safely and safely until the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.

My name is khan

After these terrible events, all Muslims began to be considered terrorists. When, under tragic circumstances, Mandir's son dies, she asks Khan in a fit of anger to come to the president and inform him that he is not a terrorist. Because of the illness, Khan takes everything seriously and embarks on a journey that was difficult, but has proved to everyone that a loving person is capable of.

3.If you list the Indian news, it is worth noting a picture"The case of the death of Ankur Arora"released in 2013. The story of the negligence of doctors, based on real events. In the story, the main character, Romesh, is a young and still inexperienced doctor, who is interning at the clinic under the authority of the medical body.

The case of Ankur Arora's death

An example for a guy is a charismatic and hardworking doctor Astana. But once Romesha’s opinion has changed a lot, because of the negligence of Astana, Ankur is dying - an eight-year-old boy who could live and live. And then the young trainee understands that a great surgeon and a good man are two different things. And at this moment, Romash decides to speak out against his own mentor and begin to fight for justice.

4. "Devdas". The main character Devdas, together with his girlfriend Paro, was surrounded by wealth, luxury and beauty from childhood. Paro loved Devdas, but he chose to study and went to London. Years later, a mature and matured guy returns home and meets with a childhood friend who continues to love him.


The difference between young people is too great, but still the feelings overpowered everything. But Devdas' father decided that his son should marry another. Paro had to rely on his beloved, but he chose a different path, never realizing that the pain would remain forever.

5. “Vir and Zara”- A film about strong feelings carried through many years. Vir Prathal Singh goes to prison and spends 22 long years there.All this time, he remains silent until the lawyer Samiya Siddiq comes into action.

Vir and Zara

She wants to help Viru and tries to talk him. And she succeeds. Vere begins to confide and tell the story of how and why he was in prison. The events that he describes are closely related to the girl he loved all these years and still loves - Zara.

6. “3 idiots”- A good and funny movie about friendship and the adventures of old friends. Two friends meet and decide to find a third - Ranch. The guys remembered their friendship, plunged into memories, went on a trip in which they managed to be at a funeral and spoil someone else's wedding.

3 idiots

The path of friends passes through very dangerous places. But they are not frightened, because they need to find a Ranch who in his youth was a smart guy and loved Piu rebellion, but then suddenly disappeared. What really happened?

7. “While I'm alive”- A film about feelings and their power, permeated with sentimentality. Samar Ananda is an army major and a fearless engineer who, with incredible courage, detonates bombs and saves lives.

While I am alive

Samar saves a drowning beauty who turns out to be a reporter from a very famous newspaper. Journalist Akira, amazed by the courage of Samara, falls in love with him and begins to meet with him.One day a guy forgets with his beloved jacket, in which a girl discovers a diary. In it, Akira finds a unique story full of the dangers of life and love for her.

8. “Tomorrow Will Come or Not”. The main heroine of Nein Katrina Kapoor is going through hard times, because her father recently committed suicide, and she is forced to watch family quarrels, help materially relatives and tolerate the unbearable nature of the grandmother. The girl is angry at everyone and everything, although she is only 23 years old.

Tomorrow will come or not

The pleasures of life bypass Nain, but she meets the optimist Rohit, who falls in love with her and tries in every way to prove to the girl that everything is not as bad as it seems. But will the guy see a smile on the face of a beautiful sad girl?

9. "Stars on earth"- a picture that children are happiness, and each child is unique. Ishanu Avvasti is 8 years old, he suffers from dyslexia and has great difficulties with his studies. The boy fails the examinations to school and weakened parents send the child to boarding school.

Stars on earth

There, Ishan becomes self-contained and suffers from loneliness until he meets drawing teacher Rama Nikum. Only he understands the boy.Ram communicates with the child and teaches him to live in society, but by his own rules. The teacher develops the talents of Ishan and finds the cause of his difficulties.

10. “Long live the victory!”- a film of 2014 about real courage and human feelings, a real fighter. The former officer Jai Ho was always loyal to his homeland and helped his subordinates. Not a single soldier under his command was left alone with his problems.

Long Live the Victory

But the efforts of the officer were not appreciated, and he was dismissed from the service. But such a person can not sit still, Jai Ho begins to fight corruption. And this does not like the rich politician, whose activities affected Jai. As a result, the struggle of an honest person and a villain begins, for which other people's lives cost nothing. The relatives and relatives of the fighter for justice are threatened, but he is not going to surrender.

Watch all the movies with pleasure and share your impressions.

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