Top 10 famous actresses, whose life suddenly broke

When fame turns your head, you don’t want to think that once everything can end. But sometimes fate plays evil jokes and takes the lives of the most famous and beloved. Find out which popular actresses died suddenly, but left vivid memories of yourself.

So, 10 famous actresses, whose life suddenly broke:

  1. Natalie Wood- A famous American actress who was nominated three times for the Oscar. By the way, Natalie was the daughter of Russian émigrés and could speak both English and Russian. She started acting in films as a child, and her role in the movie Rebel Without a Cause helped her gain recognition and status as a successful actress. On November 29, 1981, Natalie, with her husband and family friend, sailed on a yacht. A little later, the actress drowned under mysterious circumstances. According to the official version, she could not keep her balance and fell into the water. But some believe that the spouse was involved in the death, who received a huge amount for which Wood was insured. But still the true causes of death have not been clarified.At the time of the death of the actress was 43 years old.
  2. Sheron tate- American famous model and actress, who since 1967 has been the wife of the equally popular director Roman Polanski. After some time after the wedding, Sharon learns about her pregnancy and begins preparing for the appearance of the child. But her happy family life was short. When Tate's husband was away, her mutilated body was found in her own girl's house. At the time of her death, Sharon was eight months pregnant, but even that did not stop the killers. Later it turned out that the crime was committed by members of the “Family” - the group of Charles Manson. Moreover, the police found out about it by chance, when one of the criminals was in prison and shared a secret with a cellmate. But then she changed the testimony, and it was not possible to establish the exact motives.
  3. Francoise Dorleacbecame famous, unfortunately, only after death, while in life she was always the second after her more successful younger sister Catherine Deneuve. During her short life she managed to play in 20 films, and her international career was just beginning. The girl recently came from a shooting in Finland and hurried on a flight from Nice.Franzooza was in a hurry and at some point she lost control of the car, as a result of which he turned over. Later, a fire occurred. The girl tried to get out of the burning car, but, unfortunately, could not open the door. Dorleac was completely burned down only by documents.
  4. Marilyn Monroe. This is perhaps the most famous actress who died in her prime. Childhood and youth of the girl, who later became the real sex symbol of his era, were not easy. She spent a lot of time in foster homes, worked and tried to survive as best she could. By the way, in her youth, Marilyn, who was then called Norma, did not consider herself attractive. But, fortunately, she was noticed. Changing the image and becoming a star, she never experienced a lack of male attention and enjoyed it. The death of the girl is still shrouded in mystery. She was found dead and holding a telephone receiver in her house, and a number of experts found an empty bottle of sleeping pills. The most popular version is suicide, but there are others. So, some believe that death is accidental and is associated with improper doctor appointments.
  5. Grace kelly- a famous actress, who was also the princess of Monaco. Practically at the peak of her popularity, Grace decides to give up her career and devote herself entirely to her family, and she has become accustomed to the role of mother and wife. Life was happy and quite long, but it broke off suddenly. In 1982, Kelly drove and her car with her daughter. Suddenly, a 52-year-old woman had a stroke. The car pulled off the road, rolled over and fell into a ravine. Stephanie’s daughter was alive, as was Grace herself, but the rescuers got the actress out of the car when she was already unconscious due to severe injuries. Doctors fought for the life of Kelly, but, unfortunately, could not save her, and the next day she died in the hospital of Monaco. At the funeral, Grace was attended by about 400 people, and her grave is in a family crypt.
  6. Romy Schneiderwas quite popular in the last century and played roles in such films as “The Light of a Woman”, “The Ghost of Love”, “The Banker”, “The Ties of Blood”, “The Simple Story” and others. Personal life was also quite stormy, but Romy could not become happy. She suffered several shocks, including the suicide of her ex-husband, as well as the ridiculous death of a 14-year-old son (he climbed over the fence, fell and ran into a stake).In 1982 she was invited to dinner together with another lover, and on the way home they discussed plans for tomorrow. Immediately go to bed, Schneider refused, deciding to listen to music. But the next morning she was found dead, bent over a desk. The official version was a suicide, but loved ones excluded it. Probably, the actress died due to heart failure associated with the abuse of sleeping pills and alcohol.
  7. Brittany Murphy- a popular modern actress who died at the age of 32 years. She was found dead in a bath in her own house. The official cause was called heart failure, but one of the versions was an overdose of drugs. Five months later, the husband of Brittany died, and later experts said that the girl could die because of the pneumonia caused by the fungus that infected the couple's house.
  8. Jean harlowin the 30s of the last century was a sex symbol and a star. Although she lived only 26 years, she managed to play in twenty-eight films, the most famous of which are "Hell's Angels", "Red Dust", "Bomb". In 1937, she suffered the flu, but recovered.A little later, it turned out that the disease caused kidney problems (they probably existed before). In the summer of the same year, Harlow felt bad on the set. She was taken to the hospital, and the doctors diagnosed uremia. In other words, the body was poisoned by harmful substances that must be excreted by the kidneys. The actress lived a few more days, and the doctors fought for her life. Nevertheless, Jean died on June 7, 1937, and doctors recognized the cause of death as a brain edema.
  9. Judy garland- a well-known singer and actress in the middle of the last century, who entered the list of the greatest movie stars and was nominated for the most prestigious awards. By the way, Judy is the mother of actresses Lorna Craft and Liza Minelli. This girl lived a turbulent life and got married several times (as a result, three children were born), but she was not destined to find happiness. With the last husband, she often quarreled, and after another scandal took a huge dose of sleeping pills. She probably did not intend to commit suicide, but fate decided otherwise. The spouse found Judy's body only in the morning, finding her locked in the toilet and sitting on the toilet.The life of this famous woman was cut short two weeks after her 47th birthday.
  10. Gene Seberg. This actress lived a turbulent life, she fought for the rights of African Americans and actively supported the association that promoted the development of colored people. And precisely because of this, the girl was often attacked, including from the FBI. When Jin was pregnant, someone actively spread rumors that the child was conceived not from her husband, but from a black activist of the party. And strong experiences provoked a miscarriage, which resulted in the birth of a dead white-headed girl. Then Jean began a protracted depression, and she tried to commit suicide by throwing herself under a train. And although this attempt was unsuccessful, yet Siberberg disappeared in 1979. Her body was found in the car: it was wrapped in a blanket and was located in the Reno on the outskirts of the French capital in white. A note with the text “I am sorry, I can no longer live with my nerves” was compressed in my hands. Police concluded that the actress died as a result of suicide.

These were famous actresses who died suddenly, but remembered by many.

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