Top 10 coolest movies with Olivia Wilde

Talented, young, beautiful, sexy and incredibly charismatic - this is only a smaller part of the merits enjoyed by popular American actress Olivia Wilde. Today she is only 31, but she has already managed to achieve a lot in the professional field and, believe me, she has no plans to stop at this!

The actress has a lot of decent films and TV shows with her participation in the piggy bank, which is why we decided to talk about the best of them today.

Olivia began her career in the world of big cinema as an assistant director on the selection of actors, after some time she managed to get her first roles that, however, did not bring her much success.

Olivia achieved her first popularity thanks to her role in the TV series “Lonely Hearts”, and only a few years later she gained world fame thanks to the leading role in the famous American TV series “Dr.

Not so much time has passed since then, but the beautiful actress has managed to get the main roles in several successful motion pictures, and also to receive the status of the “sexiest woman” in the world according to the magazine “Maxim”. So, let's remember the best films with the participation of the talented actress Olivia Wilde.

  • Dr. House, 2004-2012. You cannot start the list of the best films without the series, which brought Olivia world fame and success. Speech, of course, about "Doctor House". The series tells the story of a team of not-so-typical doctors, who, as always, must make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment. In the center of events is the specific Dr. Gregory House, who is completely unperturbed and tactful, however, he long ago established the fame of a magnificent specialist who saved many human lives.
  • Race 2013The next one in our top 10 is a bright representative of the world of big cinema, a tape based on real events and telling about the golden times of Formula 1. Before the viewer reveals the real picture of racing, in the center of which is the eternal confrontation of two famous riders of the last century.Each of them, in the process of struggle and rivalry, is looking for answers to their questions, but will anyone be able to win?
  • "Three days to escape", 2010Tense dramatic thriller from director Paul Haggis, where Olivia performed, though not the main, but rather bright role. The plot revolves around a married couple, in which everything seemed perfect, exactly as long as the beautiful wife Laura was not arrested for suspicion of murdering her own boss. Spouse John for a long time trying to pull Laura out of custody, and having tried all the legal methods, decided to organize for her escape.
  • Alpha Dog, 2005The film, which marked the beginning of Olivia Wilde's career in the world of big cinema. As befits, one has to start small, and so it happened in this situation - the role of the actress is far from being the first plan, however, served as a powerful impetus for her further advancement along the career ladder. Yes, and the film itself deserves the attention of the viewer, and therefore be sure to give her a couple of hours of your time.
  • “Words”, 2012Bright, intricate, with an infinite number of puzzles and twists psychological film, in which such Hollywood stars as Bredley Cooper, Olivia Wilde and Zoe Salanda fit harmoniously.The story of a failed writer who, by a lucky chance, acquires fame and glory, however, in completely dishonest ways that will not let him enjoy his success for a long time.
  • "Time", 2011A cool fantastic thriller, in which reality is not at all the same to which we are used to today: now it’s not money that decides everything, the most valuable currency is time. Now, people at the genetic level are programmed in such a way that at the age of 25 they cease to age, however, the time for them did not stop at all ...
  • “Tron: Heritage”, 2010The fantastic film, in which Olivia performed one of her first major roles, tells of the existence of a cyber universe, dangerous and unpredictable, which is the main character Sam Flynn who sets off on a journey. In the story, he is the son of his gifted father, who mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago, and the cruel world of a genuine cyber universe was to blame.
  • "I want, like you", 2011.The plot is based on a rather popular idea with variable terms: one of the main characters is in the body of another, and the other is in the body of the first.In such a situation were two friends who lead completely different lifestyles and, in the soul, envy one another. But, as it turned out, not everything is as cloudless as we would like, and friends will have to really try to get everything back to their former places.
  • “Prescription love and without”, 2013The next film in the list of the best tells the story of the humble and mild henpecked pharmacist Dag Varney. All the people around him were so accustomed to using his uncertainty that they were very surprised when Doug changed his life position. And all thanks to a chance meeting with a bright, sexy and incredibly confident Elizabeth, who shows the main character how to live differently.
  • "The longest week", 2014.A romantic comedy with Wilde in the title role will open a kind of love triangle for the viewer: two friends are fighting for the attention of one girl, however, often with very peculiar methods.
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